When Your Love is...Dead

 Dear Journal,

I fell in love with him at the age of 10 or maybe 11. It's hard to be precise when love is so unpredictable. I first saw him on a deck of cards and immediately fell in love. I became determined to get his cards from the other players (clueless children) as we played the Author Game. I had no problem with the age difference or the fact that this marvelous man was longtime dead. I was intrigued. Was it his steely eyes, his strong features or the promise of romance that held my attention?   Who knows.

Later in high school, I discovered what he was all about. He was a poet and he knew about life, love and tragedy—all good experiences for a poet. I read his poems with anticipation and formed the images he proposed in my own mind.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and what… a fellow.  One of my crushes of dead men.

Thanks, Dear Journal,


  1. What an influence one life, and words, can have on us. Look at how Longfellow and his work will always have a place in your heart :)

  2. I learned to love poetry through Henry. Was he the one who wrote THE CHILDREN'S HOUR which is one of my faves.
    You'd think I'd remember who wrote it.
    Info flowing out of my head too fast these days.
    Blessings and thanks for reminding me of Henry.

  3. I admnire your tasted in men for sure JW!


  4. I remember that game! Think I was always trying to get Jack London.

  5. Oh, that's funny! He was my favorite (alongside Wordsworth) in 4th grade! Loved him.

  6. That was the BEST card game. It taught us all the great American writers (was it just Americans?). Great choice. Plus, his name is fun to say.

  7. I must say, my most heart stopping crushes were all with dead guys! :)
    I don't remember that game

  8. Did you belong to the Dead Poet's Society?

  9. This is so sweet! I feel the same way about Walt Whitman.

  10. I always had crushes on older men, too. Cute post!

  11. Totally with you. My big crush was Hotspur, from Shakespeare's Henry IV Part One and Richard II, based on a real guy about 1400.

  12. I absolutely loved that game. Played for hours. I still remember the authors and their works.

    Dad's favorite poem was Hiawatha...did I spell that right?

  13. Hi Theresa .. now I know why I'm so uneducated .. I never played Authors or similar card games .. I'd have loved these - such fun ..

    Thanks for telling me about them .. Happy 4th July .. cheers Hilary

  14. what a sweet post!
    he was really great!

    i'm with gail.
    my favourite poem was hiawatha.
    i fell in love with that american indian-the hero- at the age of 12...i think. funny, isn't it?

    betty xx


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