Have you ever made a wish list? Here’s one of mine.
I aspire to:

Not merely exist.
Live today.

Enjoy the current season.

Laugh at my calamities.
Race over the speed bumps.
Hear those I love.
Drink in the sun.
Run not walk.
Eat glue if I want.
Love self and others.
Forget the naysayers.
Acknowledge the unacknowledged.
Never ever stop learning.

How about you? What's on your wish list?


  1. Live in the moment. Take pictures of remarkable things and moments. Enjoy who I am and who is with me, right now.

  2. Oh, those are great! I would maybe include such things as appreciating the little things and being exceptional.

  3. Those are some wonderful wishes we all could use.

  4. Great wishes, although I'm not too sure about the glue...

  5. That is a pretty complete list there. And if you are holding glue while you race over those speed bumps I'm sure you will eat some. :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  6. OH I love your list. I just want to love and appreciate life on a daily basis!

  7. Don't speed over speed bumps! Well, unless you're talking metaphorically! :-)

    My list: time for my family, not let work stress me out so much, get more sleep, get in shape!

  8. Currently in a learning curve - learning more about myself and who I really am. What I want out of life at 66 years old. Am I really that old, jeez!
    I'm learning the difference between helping someone and butting in. Just read a great article on the subject in the latest Oprah mag.
    I want to slow down, take life easier, make each day count and not dust it away with the cobwebs.
    I want to learn balance between the physical, spiritual and the emotional. Guess I've set out quite a plan for myself in the coming days. Better get off here and get bus.

  9. Hi Teresa .. happiness, freedom to be me, a successful project or two .. then ease into contented bliss just being and doing as I wish. Simple pleasures ..for now that would be wonderful.

    Love BW's comment - better get off and get a bus!! I'll take the car for now though ..

    Happy rest of the week - Hilary

  10. be more spntaneous, be less guarded about myself, laugh more at my mistakes and less introverted....

    I love your list! and what a grand idea!

  11. Loved the list.

    My favorites were

    eat glue if I want
    (jelly donuts anyone?)


    acknowledge the unacknowledged.

    how beautiful a thought!


  12. Nice wishes. I wish for a few of those myself. Careful on those speed bumps though-- they can mess up your car.

    This reminds about the list I keep meaning to make about my life goals and stuff like that. Let me put that on my list.

    Tossing It Out

  13. That's a great list! I aim to do similar things.

  14. You had me at glue!
    Although if I had to be honest, I wish for a purpose driven life which actually goes in the direction I want, not all over the road.

  15. Great list! I will substitute potato chips for glue though.

  16. Love your list and mine would pretty much match yours other than eating glue. :-) I want to get so many things accomplished but along the way never be so busy or focused on "my" to-do list that I am not able to help a neighbor; and we are all neighbors. Sometimes God's to do list is different than our own.

  17. What a lovely list! I wish to soak in summer and not wish away a single second of my life.


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