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Last Week...

I started my vacation.

As many of you know we had my son’s birthday celebration on July 4th.  Then Tuesday and Wednesday, I kept littlest G-baby who is a little over 10 months. We had some bonding time, but I must admit I was exhausted mainly because I didn’t take my eye off him and because he’s got more energy than a boat load of monkeys. I’m just saying it.

Out of all the toys I had, I think his favorite toy at my house was…a bowl. The other favorite toy was a large plastic soup ladle. He hit me (ok tapped me) once with it, but I didn’t hold a grudge. And he might have giggled when I said OWWW! So that may have caused the second tap.

If he were any cuter it would have to be against the law.

There is sadness  in my world. He had to start a new babysitter a couple of weeks ago and the gal takes her vacation around the 4th.  His great grandmother (my Daughter-In-law’s grandmother) has been the caretaker over all four of their children from nearly birth until preschool age and his as well. But, we found out recently that she has terminal cancer. Her family has been told there is nothing that can be done.

How can this be? She always looks so healthy. She’s had energy to take care of my four grands plus a few others. Our family is devastated. Please, if you pray—PRAY for her pain to be less.  And for her family who are hurting too.

I am so sad over this news.


It’s a 100+ degrees here. That’s all I’m saying about that, except sweat does not become me. What a horrible year for weather here in MO.


I went to the doctor last week for illness. The nurse practitioner put me on an antibiotic and Prednisone. The Pred is doing funny things to me (of course). I had to leave church early yesterday because of dizziness. I had planned to go see my DIL’s grandmother, but came home instead.  This morning I woke up to my bed spinning. Call me Dorothy! I called the NP and she said to stop taking the Pred. Is a medication supposed to kill you before it cures you?
The Ruralhood

If you’re interested, I finally posted another post on the Ruralhood Blog titled The Right of Passage. It’s about something everyone may need at this time of year, Deodorant. Click on the Ruralhood photo in the sidebar and you'll magically go there. But, before that...

What's the temperature where you are? And if it's a cool 85 degrees or lower may I move in?


Joanne said…
Your world's been busy, that's for sure. My thoughts are with your family and DIL's grandmother, what sad news.

I'm not a big fan of summer, today and tomorrow it's expected to be in the 90s here, with high humidity too. Just lovely :/

Stay cool, and hope you're feeling better soon.
Hi Teresa .. I am sorry to hear about your DIL's grandmother .. so sad these things crop up .. time to share with her though. Pity she won't see number 4 through to his pre-school ...

Weather here is very pleasant .. see you tomorrow?!

Just hope you feel better soon - and get rid of those dreaded drugs out of your system ...

Thinking of you all .. with many thoughts - Hilary
Joanne, 90s--ugh. I wish for spring weather in July. Is that so bad?

Hilary, I'll be right there.
I'm so sorry! I will be praying for your family.
And don't come here - we're around a hundred degrees.
CM said…
Sorry about the mother in law. That's too bad and so sad.

Glad you got to spend some time with your grandbaby. You're a wonderful grandma!
Alex, Thanks. And the other sounds like an uninvite. :)

CM, I don't know about that. They are very special, but so are my kiddos.
Hart Johnson said…
Oh, your time with your grandson sounds great. My kids always loved a metal bowl with a wooden spoon, too--very nice drumming capacity. But I can see how it would be exhausting. And I'm so sorry about the great grandma--cancer is a thief. I will send healing thoughts.

And what was that ANSWER on the Prednizone!? Hopefull they can change it out for something else! Scary! Take care of yourself!

95 and storming in Michigan today--seems like I imagine a monsoon in India...
Betty Manousos said…
i'm so sorry about the mother in law.
so sad news!
i will be praying for you and your family.

hope you feel better really soon, dearest teresa!


Hart, You SAID it "cancer is a thief". It brings so much pain and sadness. The doc said to stop taking the Pred and I said, THANK YOU!

Betty, You're a dear. Thank you so much.
JeMA said…
Teresa, sending prayers and sorry for your sadness. Such a heavy diagnosis and the mystery of it all.

I hope you are feeling better and that you have found your ruby red shoes.
Indie said…
You and your extended family are in my thoughts and prayers my dear friend.
Jules said…
Sorry reading out of order. We are in the 100+ heat index but I have a cool-er basement. :)

Hope you salvage a bit of vacation.
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow
Naqvee said…
My b'day falls on 4th July as well.. I love people who are busy this means their time on earth is being properly utilized

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