It's Never What It Seems

Dear Journal,

It’s never what it seems to be, is it?

History and… scary movies tells us that it only takes  one of something to start the world’s end. You know the signs, a locust or a grasshopper, a crazy rogue robot or, as we saw in the movie Arachnophobia, one spider leads to another and suddenly your world is one big wicked web. 

So imagine my distress when I went out to my breezeway (screened porch thingy) to feed my cat and saw a huge spider on the inside of the screen door. (It is to the left of the red slur of words that I tried to provide you as a guide, but you can't read.) I didn't want to get upset so early, so I didn't look at it again. But I was feeling anguish...early morning Arachnophobia  anguish.

That's the worse kind for me.

So, I fed Kiki Dee (cat) and retrieved my can of 20-foot shootin' bug spray and strapped it on my hip and headed back outside.  See here’s the thing, I do own a heart.  My rule is if spiders are on the outside of my house, I won’t kill them. And it was technically on the outside.

My desire was to shoo this one out the door without freaking out.

As I walked closer to the door, I realized I'd been mistaken because on the screen was a beautiful baby frog instead of a spider. I put down the can of spray and picked BF up and took it safely out of doors.

See how I am?
Dear Journal, we must learn lessons or life is a waste. My lesson that day? Don’t jump to conclusions without further investigation. Many things in life, I've learned, are not what they seem to be. The good can turn ugly and the bad can turn to good.

Oh and I learned, I could really benefit from some Arachnophobic therapy. Journaling is not helping in this case.

Lovingly yours,


PS I think this is BF's parent. I found this tree frog on my deck. He or she looks surly. Probably, he's a he if he's surly.  Hee Hee!


  1. Our imagination is our worst enemy!

  2. Hi Teresa .. amazing what we can read into things .. depending where our mind takes us .. I agree BF's parent looks pretty grumpy ... no wonder baby was trying to get away .. now BF parent has to go look for him or not as the case may be ..

    cheers - glad Kiki Dee got her food .. and Arachnophobia got away for now! Hilary

  3. I can totally see me doing the same exact thing--I hold the same rule.. bugs outside get a pass. Inside, it has to do with size and attractiveness whether they get murdered or relocated. But LOVE the baby frog! For me, the misidentificaion would have had a need for new glasses at its core...

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  5. I'm like you - bugs belong outside but not in my house. Hate spiders. Yet those big yellow garden spiders are pretty and spin the most beautiful webs.

  6. Such a cute little thing! As cute as the parent (?) is not cute. I guess it's a good thing you didn't start spraying from very far away.

    Great story with a wonderful lesson.

  7. Glad you didn't spray the poor frog!

  8. Um, there's a chance that the spider was eaten by the frog. There is that chance, right? Maybe it's the end of the world where all spiders turn into frogs.

  9. I completely agree that people who jump to conclusions without getting any info about the matter are usually those who stay unhappy for their decisions in life.

    Take cre,

  10. Funny. I would have grabbed the bug spray, too. ribbit.

  11. I live in MO, too, and I'm told that brown recluse spiders are pretty common in our state. I'm always on the lookout for those and any other insect that finds its way into my house because the spiders feed on the insects. So, I sadly eliminate them all. Or shoo them outside. Glad your spider turned out to be a frog. Cute post.

  12. Ha! Well, glad it was just a frog. His daddy is a big boy!


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