I'm a winner, I am

My Winnings
I can’t believe I won three books in the last couple of weeks. Amazing I am. Ok, ok, the sites I visit are amazing.

I won and received Monarch by Michelle Davidson Argyle from the awesome site of Judy Crome: Author on the Prowl. I started reading it Sunday afternoon. Thanks, Judy.
I won HELP! FOR WRITERS by Roy Peter Clark and reviewed on the awesome blog of Thoughts in Progress! Thanks, Mason.

And, I won a book from Kathleen Ernst and I chose Clues in the Shadow. Kathleen was hosted on another awesome and favorite blog Mystery Writing isMurder. Thanks, Elizabeth and Kathleen.
Three awesome people and blogs (4 if you count me, IF YOU count me) where I won books.
I feel very lucky.  Too bad I don't play the lottery. Too bad.
My Aunt
I mentioned yesterday that we are mourning my aunt’s passing. Thanks, dear ones, for your sweet comments. My Aunt Mildred was an awesome woman. I feel sad with her passing, but at 88 years of age I happen to know she lived a wonderful life. She had great parents (my grandparents) and siblings with the youngest being the best of all – my mother. She had an awesome husband and two sons and grandchildren.

We will miss her very much.

I’ll be checked out this week and will look in on you when I can. My week at work promises to be murder by stress.
See you soon.


  1. Hi Teresa .. it sounds as though a few prizes of good books will lighten the stress-to-come week of being with relatives and sharing the joy of your aunt in her life-time. Thinking of you - Hilary

  2. I'm so sorry about your aunt! It sounds like you're all celebrating her life, though, which is a wonderful thing.

    Congratulations on winning your books!

  3. Sorry for your loss.

    I count four great writers. Congratulations on your wins.

  4. Congrats on your wins, lots of good reads going on there.

    And I'm so sorry to read about your Aunt, sending along my sympathy and wishing you a peaceful week.

  5. That's awesome! Congrats. Hope you enjoy your loot.

  6. Hi Teresa! So sorry for your loss! Congrats on your book wins and I pray your work week turns out to be stress less! XO

  7. Sorry about the loss of your auntie. Sounds like she left quite a legacy.

  8. I'm so sorry about your aunt. You are right though--after a long, full life, it is really only sad for those of us left without our loved ones.

    Congrats on the book winnings!

  9. So sorry about your aunt.
    Glad you've done well winning books lately.

  10. congrats on winning the books and really sorry for your aunt....

  11. I've seen all the book giveaways going on right now. Need to get my commments in.

    My thoughts for you in regard to the loss of your aunt. Doesn't matter the age - you will still miss her. I'm sorry.

  12. Take care this week and we will see you again soon!

  13. You are a winner my friend in so many ways. Congratulations on the wins and thanks for the mention.

    I'm so sorry to hear about your aunt. She looks like a sweet lady. Sending you hugs and peaceful thoughts. Keeping you in my prayers.

    Thoughts in Progress
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  14. Sorry to hear about your Aunt Mildred.

    Congratulations on winning the books. That's always a nice surprise. I've won a few blog things and usually I don't even remember that I did anything to enter. Winning is nice.

    Tossing It Out
    Please see my guest post at:
    So You Want to be a Writer?

  15. Congrats on the book winnings! YOU are an awesome blogger. Condolences on the passing of your aunt. I also had an Aunt Millie. She passed away four years ago. A sweet soul whom I miss.

  16. congrats on the wins, yes your blog is awesome and condolences on the loss.


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