Remember the blizzard of 2011? Well I do. Remember how Mike, a neighbor, took his Bobcat from driveway to driveway to help his neighbors clear their driveways (read it here)?

Even though it's not their job most days, Mike and his wife Lisa have made me happy again.

They have planted an entire field with sunflowers.

Now, every morning, I have to adjust my drive to work taking the long way (5 minutes vs. 2 minutes) just to see the sunflowers look in my direction.

Have a great Monday!


  1. Hi Theresa .. that's the most glorious thing to do - plant a field full of sunflowers - just gorgeous ... and well worth an extra three minutes for a drive .. the best three minutes in a day for a few weeks probably .. just the delight of the field of sunlight .. cheers Hilary

  2. How beautiful! I would go out of my way to see it too.

  3. Now that's a transformation that'll bring smiles on your face!!!

    I adore sunflowers...they remind me of little happy faces in the field.

    We're under corn harvest right now, the field I'm lookin' at is just a big field of dust right now! Heeehehe!

    God bless ya sweetie. Did ya really need to reminds us of snow??? :o)

    (I fear it's just 'round the corner. We've had heavy frost three days in a row!)

  4. Wow, just wow! What great neighbors you have :)

  5. If it makes you smile, take the long way!

  6. Sunflowers are happy flowers, they make me smile. Snow...not so much! :D

  7. Aww.. your neighbors are so full of humanity. You r blessed this proved the saying "love thy neighbour" and it applies on them and on you also.

    I have never seen snow. :(

  8. How wonderful. They're very beautiful. An unplanned forest of sunflowers sprang up around our bird feeder. I love seeing them out there.

  9. How I love sunflowers. Sure wish I had a field of them to drive by every day.

    And, yes, I definitely remember the blizzard of 2011. What a time that was.

  10. Sunflowers are my favorite flower of all!

    Thank you for that picture of them.


  11. There is nothing more cheery that a field of sunflowers!! We have a street behind us that every spring is a mass of pink & white bahaunia trees...I change my normal route for that two weeks just so that I can admire their beauty!

    Judy, South Africa

  12. i love sunflowers!
    your beautiful pictures! i'd love to wander through those sunflower fields!


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