Running with Dreams

Sometimes I talk to kids about what’s going on in their lives, dreams after high school, and missing too much school where they could lose credit for an entire semester. And that was just yesterday.
Most times, I light a little fire under them if only momentarily before they return to past decision making. I always hope that the connection I see in their eyes is a seed planted in their brain.
Sometimes, because of circumstances and choices, they feel their original dreams for the future have died. We all do that. We allow circumstances and people to direct our well-being. And often we feel helpless.
So I tell my students:
1.      When you make a wrong decision, try to make it right again.
2.      Only you can kill your dream and—don’t.
3.      No one can stand on your own two feet for you.
4.      It’s never too late to start over.
5.      Hard times will not last forever. If they seem to be lasting forever, then you need to recheck your method for change.  
I’m telling you this, too.
Today be inspired. Introduce yourself to your dream(s) again and run with it. If you trip and fall, get up and run again.
Running with Dreams.


  1. Was this just for me? It sure felt that way! Thank you.

  2. Thank you! I bet you are an awesome counselor!
    I need a new dream and sometimes I tell myself I am too old. I'm not.

  3. I like the message I see behind all this, and that is that we are all responsible for our own goals, actions, thoughts. It's important to understand the responsibility we all carry.

  4. This is great advice and adults need it as much as children. Thanks!

  5. That's very inspirational - those young people are very lucky to have someone like you in their lives.

  6. Kids need that encouragement, and adults do too! Thanks. :)

  7. I agree with you all, we need encouragement at every stage.

  8. Great words for the kids and all of us. I'm singing this song in my head, "I get knocked down, but I get up again." It's kinda like the "Little old ant" song. Don't give up, be inspired. Yeah!

  9. In real life, we can keep trying as long as we want to. The only failure comes when we quit.

  10. Hi there, JW. I'm here via Kitty. Those students are lucky to have a mentor like you--for many kids, unfortunately, don't find this kind of inspiration at home. Optimism and understanding is quite infectious--it's a good thing to bring to school!

    Enjoying your journal entries. Love the George Orwell quote at the right. ;)

  11. You made me think of that old commercial, "I've fallen and I can't get up." That's the way I've been feeling at times lately, then other times I'm in high gear on dream pursuit. It's roller coaster ride for sure.

    Kids need someone to motivate them and to teach them why they should be motivated. A lot of them don't have that. Young people have their whole lives ahead of them and should invest in it while they are young.

    A Faraway View

  12. Thanks, Teresa! What a great message for kids...and all of us. :)

  13. Wow, you really are in a perfect fit job! What an inspiration you are to them! I'm so glad there is someone like you working in the school system.

  14. Thanks, Coach. I needed the pep talk :)


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