Leaving it Behind and Looking Ahead

A Few Things learned in 2011

1.    You CAN leave your car keys in the ignition and the alarm will not alert you when you get out of the car that your keys are dangling from the ignition. And, you CAN return a couple of hours later and find your car still there. You CAN.

2.    People complain about being married. People complain about being single. People complain too much. I guess we’re never satisfied.

3.    Reinventing yourself through a new job is like pulling an established tree out of the yard and planting it elsewhere. It’s painful for the tree. Once replanted, it either lives or dies. I, the tree, lived.

4.    Letting go of stupidly will only benefit you. But, stupidity is like static cling, I’m telling ya.

5.    Not everyone is a friend. Be very aware.

6.    You can’t get ahead financially until you stop spending unnecessarily. Duh.

7.    I have commitment issues and that’s that. I need to love myself in spite of my issues, but I can’t commit.

My Writing Goals for 2012

1.    I am joining Write 1 Sub 1 A year long writing experience in Ray Bradbury's shadow, this year—the monthly route. 

2.    I am going to schedule my writing time instead of—not. This method will assault my free spirit mindset and play negatively with my non-commitment issues. It must be done.

3.    I am going to join Blogging from A-Z in April. I need to sharpen up on my alphabet skills. Sesame Street, here I come…again.

4.    I am going to concentrate on finishing one book this year instead of working on all of them. However, I’m worried that the others will be mad at me because I know  what those characters are capable of-- I'm just saying.

I wish you blessings galore for 2012, my Blogging Buds. Happy New Year!



  1. Glad you're in for the A to Z Challenge! And Milo James Fowler has had so much success with Write1Sub1 - I'm sure you will as well.
    Your car was still there? That's a blessing! And number five is sadly true...

  2. I think you're right with #2, we never seem to be satisfied no matter what. You have so great goals for 2012, good luck. Wishing you a safe, joyous and Happy New Year. May the new year bring wonderful surprises for you.

    Thoughts in Progress

  3. Great list. Good luck with the goals. See you around the AZ challenge pool!

  4. I did not know trees knew of such things as static cling. ;) So here is wishing you the same for 2012 and I hope your roots are well watered. :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  5. Hi Teresa .. good luck - sounds like sub1write1 is a great idea .. commitment and those habits that never get formed ... 21 days and you'll be on track.

    Lucky re the car - to put it mildly in this day and age ..

    We love the Journaling Woman living out of her Ruralhood with transplanted trees around and static cling .. jaggeting around ..

    Good idea to learn the elfabet before April Fool's Day .. uverwise .. could be some funny comments!

    Happy New Year, have fun and live life to the full - here's to writing and lots of other success in 2012 ... Hilary

  6. I love your writing goals! Can't wait to see how everyone is getting on this year.

  7. brilliant post! thanks for the great advice!

    wishing you and your sweet family the best for 2012!

    happy new year, my dearest!

  8. Good advice and good points to make. I think I'll heed your list. I try my best to be satisfied, but a lot of times the people around me are all for screwing it up.

    Have a great year accomplishing everything you set out to do and more.

    Wrote By Rote

  9. Teresa, I hope 2012 is all you hope for...I'm rather glad 2011 is behind me so I plan to have a positive attitude heading into the New Year
    Take care

  10. What a great way to start the year: with the wisdom earned from the year before and with clear, narrow goals. I wish you success and commitment in the year to come.

  11. I love #2 and 5 in your learnings of 2011...now about that 2012; NO, your other books will not be mad at you becaue they know in due time it will be THEIR turn and you gotta love that!
    May all your desires come true this year!


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