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On Phone Booths
I must confess I’ve been watching DVDs of an old TV show called The Rockford Files. Move over George Clooney, there’s a new man in town.  The ruggedly handsome Private Eye, Jim Rockford (James Garner) is yummy.
Yes, I said yummy.
There are things in the show that are no longer a part of our culture such as phone booths.

Every time my favorite PI needed to use a phone (unless he was in the decease’s home) he’d have to stop the car, jump out, run to the rectangle box of glass, thumb through a big yellow book and call. This observation came full circle for me when I heard something this week.
A teacher asked the young class this question. “Have you ever seen a phone booth?” One child raised a hand and said, “Yes, at the mall.” The teacher felt confused and questioned the location of the phone booth since the teacher couldn't remember seeing one at the mall. Then student said, “In the middle where people walk there is a booth that sells phones.” 
Hence, phone booth.
On My Scribbles
It is the end of the month and I have three short stories in the mail. My goal for the Write 1 Sub 1 is to get one short story out each month. This month, I wrote a new one and finished two others.
I dressed them in warm protective clothing, kissed them goodbye and shoved them out the door.  I might have said, “And don’t come back.”
On the A-Z Challenge

Today you can sign up.
The Blogging From A-Z Challenge is a blogfest coming in April. As a writer, it will help you stretch your imagination, draw more readers to your blog and gives you the opportunity to meet new bloggers. And, you don’t have to write a book every day, no no, you can write as much or little as you want.  If you don’t consider yourself a writer, then I must contradict you and say you are-- if you write posts for your blog. I’m just saying it.
Each day of the challenge, you will post something that reflects the letter of the day. Twenty-six (26) days. As I understand it, except for April 1, there will be no posting on the weekends. You might want to write posts before April.  I’ll tell you why later.
You can use a theme. Do you like poetry? Write a verse a day for 26 days. Write a poem a day. Other possibilities:
1.      Pet articles
2.      Pet conversations
3.      Hobbies
4.      Music
5.      Cars
6.      Fiction or Non-fiction
7.      Poetry (I already said that, but it bears repeating.)
8.      Photography (Post a photo a day where the photo corresponds with the letter.) After all a picture is worth a thousand words or—the letter of the day.  
9.      Any interest you have will do.
I plan to write my posts before April because if there are thousands who sign up (and that’s the rumor), then I will use April to visit others. That’s how you get to know new bloggers. 
Don’t sweat about it. Don't over think it (that one's for me). Remember what I said, it’s a blogfest not a marriage.  Consider it a fun date.
Have a great week!


  1. You are so ambitious. I'm not sure I could commit to a letter a day when I can't even find my purse!

  2. Good luck with A-Z! And too funny about the phone booth! I'm sure my kids have never seen one. Sigh. Times change quickly...

  3. Love this post! Great invitation to others to join us! Did you think about letting us re-post your prep post from Friday? Both Lee and I (separately!) want it for the AZ blog. Not that we're fighting or anything, just seems we both invited you without the other knowing. One of those "great minds..." sort of deals about a great post. Please?

    Tina @ Life is Good

    Co-Host of the April 2012 Blogging from A to Z Challenge

    Twitter: #atozchallenge

  4. Phone booths are so nostalgic now, aren't they? I do see them occasionally, but not the full glass booth, just public pay phones on a wall, that sort of thing.

    Good luck with the short story submissions, fingers crossed for Yes's!

  5. Well, booger...I thought I commented here???

    'Must be loosin' my mine!


    Have a blessed day and great luck on the short stories. Keep us informed..."K"???

  6. I have never seen that show but it sounds interesting. It's true, who uses phone booths anymore?

    Congrats on your short stories and I'm excited too about the A to Z. As to what to do? I'm still trying to figure that out for myself.

  7. That kid gave a funny answer! The only phone booth now belongs to Dr. Who.
    And thanks for plugging the Challenge!

  8. Always enjoyed The Rockford Files and I'll have to agree with you about James Garner. I also liked him in several movies he did with Doris Day.

    Phone booths are a thing of the past and you rarely even see a pay phone anymore.

    Good luck with your writing.

    Thoughts in Progress

  9. Love your story about the phone booth! Also loved James Garner in Maverick.
    I have my list ready for the A to Z Challenge and plan to start writing my articles this week.

  10. Phone booth! LOL :)
    Have fun with the A-Z.

  11. Sometimes I miss the days of phone booths when I see a shopping mall of people walking around talking on their phones. But back in those days I used to wish I had some kind of portable phone to make calls wherever I was. Remember Dick Tracy's wristwatch phone?

    A to Z--a fun date--that's a good analogy.

    Tossing It Out

  12. Hah, I tell my students to get on the typewriter to begin their typing...when I say that they always respond, do you mean the computer? 'huuuh, yeah, the the phone booth antedote was funny to me!
    I signed up for the A to Z Challenge as well....eeegads, now the thinking begins...

  13. I loved James Garner as Maverick. He is so handsome. Nice to meet you from A to Z.

  14. I loved James Garner as Maverick. He is so handsome. Nice to meet you from A to Z.

  15. Hi found your blog on the A to Z challenge list. How well I remember the Rockford files way back. Really enjoyed the series.

    This will be my third challenge, I write all mine in poetry form.....infact all through the year I write poetry. Just had my second poetry book published,

    Good luck with the challenge.

  16. James Garner is a favorite of mine. He makes acting look so easy! Good luck with your challenge.

  17. I remember the Rockford files! Cool show. The kid's definition of a phone booth...too funny!

    The A to Z blog challenge...sounds intriguing. Still on the fence. Might be a bit too much for me, but sounds like fun!

  18. Just found you and your blog via the list at A to Z -- I'm going to enjoy your posts, I can tell already!

    James Garner was indeed yummy in The Rockford Files. Have you ever seen him in the movie The Americanization of Emily? Mmmmmmmm.

  19. Hi Just me - looks good! So pleased you're in the A - Z .. the enthusiasm spreads ... Love the phone booth story! As I like a good detective series .. my mind switches off (perhaps!) ..

    Cheers from Just me too .. Hilary

  20. I found your blog in the A - Z Challenge (which we Canadians would call the Eh to Zed Challenge).

    Ah, yes. James Garner. From Maverick to Rockford, with lots of other stops. I remember the Maverick series. I was in high school then.

    And I really enjoyed the re-definition of phone booth!

    Blessings and Bear hugs.


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