It's Monday and I'm OK with that

Here’s what’s been going on in my world.
In the News
There was a story in the news last week in a neighboring county. A man and woman were arrested because their house was so horribly filthy that someone thought they needed to be arrested.  Here was the problem. Their children had flea bites (and other insects) all over them so much so the children’s health was affected. The children were dirty. And there was animal feces all over their house.  
I don't judge anyone's housekeeping skills. That’s not my way.
Some people like it clean (their house), some not so much. I’m for the freedom to choose either/or. But, if you have children, you need to provide a clean and safe environment for them.  CHILDREN SHOULD BE TAKEN CARE OF RESPONSIBLY.
And that’s all I have to say about it.
On Paint
Clearly, I don’t feel like a complete woman unless I’m inhaling paint fumes because I'm always painting something. So, I have started a new project of painting the inside of my kitchen cabinets and pantry. They need to be painted—inside.  So, this weekend I started painting the innards of my cabinets plus…I painted a bench.  They're not finished.
I love painting.
I wish I didn’t love painting.
I wish I'd stop saying--painting.
On Sewing
I  sewed a curtain for my office (work).
On Writing
I wrote 500 words last week on a new short story, because my goal is to Write one Submit one each month.  Now I know that doesn’t seem like much, but also…
I wrote on my posts for the A-Z Challenge in April. I’ve written A-N. They’re babies and need to grow up, but they’re born. When I wrote this post there were 496 blogs entered in the blogfest. You can sign up too here.
I have a theme. I have a post about my theme which I will share in March.  
I have questions that came from personal reflection and observation this week.
1.      Why are people mean to each other?
2.      Why do people forget who they are when they fall in love?  Is it love amnesia?
3.      Why is chocolate not our U.S. Thanksgiving meat of choice?
4.      And why isn’t turkey (the bird) a Valentine's Day gift choice?
5.      Why are you guys so awesome?
It's Monday and...I'm OK with that. How about you?


  1. Officially, it Monday, 3:35AM. The day looms ahead with no rest under my belt that will count as the day moves on.

    Writing a book came to me in the early morning hours and I can't seem to stop the wheels from turning.

    I don't know where to begin. I sit with my sweet tea,romancing the computer and can only dream of sleeping.

  2. Chocolate *should* be our Thanksgiving meat! :)

    Congrats on the writing you've done last week for blogging and the short story!

  3. I think chocolate should be present at every meal!

    Happy Monday, Teresa!

  4. I haven't done any innard painting for awhile, but it's amazing how it does brighten those dull insides. Happy Painting to you :)

    And I second Laura's vote for chocolate every day.

  5. Me, I love Mondays! I have coffee and am ready to go! And like the bumper sticker states, "Mean People Suck." I don;t like mean people and try to be nice, or at least neutral, to everyone. Have a great week!

  6. I've been in houses like that at work. There's usually a combination of mental health issues and alcohol/drug abuse. I hope those children were placed and Child Protection doesn't give them back until that couple gets some serious help.

  7. Hi Teresa ... great busy time you've been having .. sounds like paint one, write and submit one, A done, paint one, write and submit one, B done .. let alone that brain thinking about flea bites - ghastly poor kids ... each to his own ...BUT ----

    Can I bring my sewing over ... pretty please?!

    And I'm fine with Monday .. if it snows and I can get out - I could! Cheers Hilary

  8. Congrats on the writing!

    I find the story of the dirty house so sad. Sadly it happens so often. For example a member of my husband's family often live in those conditions. However, the father is often away from home (logging and trucking) and the mother suffers from mental problems. She was recently diagnosed with a fatal brain tumor. So, perhaps there are other factors involved. However, I think the government needs to look into these things and help where it can. Is there a proper solution? I'm not sure.

  9. How about giving chocolate turkeys for Valentine's Day? And I have my topics for the Challenge, but I haven't written any of them yet.

  10. Love those questions, but unfortunately, I can't answer all of them

  11. I share your love of painting. It's such a quick change and so satisfying.

    However, I haven't written more than three posts for the A-Z Challenge. Now I'm terrified I'll fall behind. Guess I'd better get going.

  12. Oooooh, chocolate, the other food group! Heeehehehehe!

    Loved the post sweetie!

    God bless and enjoy your day! :o)

  13. it's great to get to know you better!
    you're such a gifted person, teresa.

    mmm..chocolate! i love anything chocolate!

    have a great week ahead!

  14. 500 words sounds like A LOT to me! Congratulations!

    As for the house cleaning story: I'm all for untidiness, but it crosses a line when there are insects crawling all over your children. Yuck!

  15. I love this post. It made me feel good - even though I'm reading it on Tuesday. You're going to town on those blog posts. I enjoy painting but I get bored with it quickly and I'm not very good at it. Which may be why I get bored.

  16. What a heart-warming post for a Monday. Monday's long forgotten for me and I'm about to start my weekend tonight. I too have a theme for the A-Z and am getting my pretty birdies lined up in a row. I'm going to try to find an email for you as I have a question for you re the A-Z.


  17. You make Monday sound like a really great day! I've vote for chocolate as the official Thanksgiving meat, but not so much turkey at Valentine's Day. :-)

    Looking forward to seeing your A to Z pieces.


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