Dear A-Z and CassaFire

Dear A-Z Challenge,
This is a letter is to assure you that all is well with me, but for awhile, I wondered about my mental state since I over think everything.  Once I committed to participating in the A-Z, I went through a few hundred mental processes. The other day, it came to me; I could be going through the 5-stages of menopause grief (K├╝bler-Ross).  

Now before you say I’ve lost “it” for good, read on. This is how it went down.
After I clicked the linky for the A-Z Challenge, I immediately experienced denial. Even though I willingly signed up, I had to argue with myself, “What did you do?”  and “What? Nothing."

I experienced anger.  I was angry, A-Z, that I let you talk me into committing to 26 days of writing and visiting with others. It sounds innocent, but I ask you, why me? When an answer did not come to me, it sort of made me—angry. So, I may have lashed out at random letters. I mentally ripped up word documents. I might even have stolen candy from babies. But, I’m no longer angry.

A-Z, did you know that I tried to bargain? Well I wanted to bargain with YOU. I thought about calling you to see if I could pull out of the challenge, to see if we could make a deal. Know what? I couldn’t find your phone number. Is it unlisted? I thought about running away, but where could I go that A-Z is not? I mean the alphabet is everywhere.  Then I hit a new low, I felt like if I could just undo what I’d done, I would feel better. So, I tried to unlink from the challenge. That’s a whole other post.

Today, I’m in the acceptance stage. Today, I accept my commitment to you A-Z Challenge with confidence. I know all is good and that I am growing as a writer. I almost enjoy writing the stories that I’ll need. When all is said and done, I will have learned if I want to write, I must write and challenge myself.  No challenge means no growth.

You say there’s one left over? Depression?  I’m staving off depression with a dozen eggs. A dozen eggs (you might be saying)?  Just yesterday, I devoured a dozen chocolate marshmallow eggs straight out of the carton. (Thank you, Easter Bunny.)

A-Z, I need to go for now. For some reason, I have a hankering for alphabet soup. That’s weird, huh? See you soon. April is right around the corner.


P.S. Sign up for the Blogging From A-Z Challenge today here.

A shout out to Alex J Cavanaugh for the release of his newest book CassaFire. Congratulations!  I can wait to read it.  

Hey look at this, his publisher is giving away a huge prize package that you can win in the next two weeks by commenting on his blog. Go to  Alex J. Cavanaugh to enter.  AND...

Go congratulate him and…buy a book.


  1. Hi Teresa .. love your letter - glad I'm not the only writing them! I thought you were on the way to abcs .. there but you messed up at the 'acceptance' stage .. if that had been 'commitment' or 'confidence' I'd have been a happy A - Z bunny ...

    Not having kids .. I missed out on alphabet soup .. but I used to love the iced biscuits with extra zoo animals iced on .. and enjoyed licking off the icing - the biscuit a bit like iced lolly sticks was left - and my sticky mitts shone with a rainbow colour ..

    Not soon is it .. enjoy your Easter eggs - unless that's your lot for this year .. cheers Hilary

  2. I'm trying to figure out if I missed a stage. I know I'm not at Acceptance yet. HELP!

    Off to file stuff alphabetically.

  3. Teresa, that was hilarious! Sorry, no bargaining - I'm in charge of the list and I'm not taking you off. You can do it!
    And thanks so much for mentioning my book and the prize package.

  4. I'm sure a lot of us go through these stages when we're working on our wips too, LoL!

    You can do it, Teresa!! I know your A-Z posts are going to be awesome!

  5. I can empathize with what you're going through. I think I'll buy some chocolate marshmallow eggs. And some peeps too.

    An A to Z Co-Host
    Tossing It Out
    Twitter: @AprilA2Z
    Blogging from A to Z

  6. Heeehehehe! Great analogies sweetie. I have a problem just pushin' publish when I post....any post!

    I swear my heart stops every time.

    God bless and have a terrific Thursday sweetie!!! :o)

  7. Entertaining post! You have a distinct voice.

  8. I've started Alex's new book. The writing flows. I'm impressed. And although I'm not a sci fi fan, I am enjoying this story.

    As for A to Z - after I signed up, I didn't know if with my caregiving duties and not having an aide at the moment and TRYING to find one, which has been miserable, that I couldn't do the A to Z. But I got myself in a calm mode, and have begun drafting each letter of the alphabet. I finished E yesterday, and I'm going to see if I can finish up tomorrow. This is the only way I can do this, by drafting everything ahead of time so that all I'll have to do is comment on as many blogs each day as I can. I didn't do this last year, and did have to drop it.

    So, I'm glad YOU are at the acceptance stage, and hope you can relax. I tell myself if for some reason I can't do it, it would be the end of my world, or anyone's world! The world won't stop turning. What I'm saying is, I'm NOT going to stress about it. I have too much in myself as it is!!
    Ann Best, Memoir Author of In the Mirror & Imprisoned

  9. Teehee! I signed up for the first time this year and I think I'm still firmly in denial! :)

  10. LOL! That's great! And the A to Z Challenge is a lot of fun, even if it is a daunting task. :)

  11. Great post, Teresa. You will do fine, I am sure!

  12. Oh my! Those stages of grief are hard. Glad you're sticking with it, though!

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse, co-host of the 2012 #atozchallenge! Twitter: @AprilA2Z

  13. This is great! *chuckles*
    If participants are feeling the pressure, imagine what Lee and the co-hosts are going through?
    Good luck fellow A-Z'er! :)


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