Nothing about Anything

Today is nothing about anything, except, my first week of vacation was spent on appliance delivery, installation, pest exterminator, and a trash service that promised to pick up some extra things from my garage and didn’t.

The appliances came.  I didn’t post photos of them or my swollen pinky finger, because you know what appliances look like. Right?
They are regular appliances and you all have them. But, I must admit, I’m a little intimidated by the newbies. My old appliances were circa 1984 and 1988, familiar and off-white. They both leaked water, though.

I don’t have conclusive evidence, as yet, but the new stainless steel wonders may be smarter than I and—prettier.
Murphy (remember his law?) did show his ugly head. The appliances didn’t arrive in one truck nor on the same day. One of the delivery men (less experienced) said about the refrigerator, “The new one will not fit in the hole there.” The other guy said, “Yes, it will, I measured.”

I said (or yelled), “Yes it will. I measured, too, five million times or ten.”
It fit perfectly. Uh, huh!

The men carried them in and out of the house on some kind of a sling or hammock strapped to the men. I should have taken pictures of that because I can’t describe it.
The less experienced man said, “The new one weighs less than the old one.”

I said, “That’s probably not a good thing.”
He grinned at me. But, I knew he didn’t have a clue what I was talking about: appliances lasting longer than relationships and jobs and hair color.

Oh, and when I say they were men, I stretch the truth. If they were 20, that would be the stretch.
The dishwasher arrived the next day and Murphy hitched a ride that day  for sure.  

Bottom line, the installer who thought he’d be in and out in forty-five minutes was not. It was his first installation and there were complications. One complication was that he had to cut the old DW out with a reciprocal saw. The DW might have been rusty and falling apart in the wrong places--from the leaking issue.
I forgot to say goodbye to them—the old appliances. I did cheer when they left.

There’s so much more to tell you about those two days, but I won’t bore you—except, I should tell you why my pinky finger was swollen. I found and destroyed two yellow jacket (wasp) nests under my deck chairs. The entire ordeal was a comedy act.  I got out of it with no injuries…until the next day, when I notice there were three jackets in my screened breezeway. I killed them and went to push the screen door open for the cat to come in and eat and laid my hand on one I had missed.
O.U.C.H. Seriously, the pain of one yellow jacket sting is up there with childbirth. I know I say that about everything, but it was. Really, this time.

Today, I am babysitting my littlest grandson who is nearing 2 years old. He’s so cute, I can’t stand it sometimes.

Questions for you:  Should I be seeking therapy over my attachment to my old appliances?  Should I be jealous over their beauty? Any summer time wasp attacks?


shelly said…
When I was pregnant with daughter number two, I fell into a wasp nest and was stung several times over from head to toe.

And this past Saturday, I had my grandbabies. They're always so much fun.

Cheryl @ TFD said…
I had my first wasp sting of the summer a couple of weeks ago. I put my hand on one when moving something on the patio. The sting wasn't as bad as some I've had, but it still hurt! And those pesky flies! They pack quite a bite, too. Hate the things!!
Unknown said…
I got bit by a yellow jacket on my ankle a few years back and it was painful! The pain radiated up my leg!

I don't really get attached to my appliances but I haven't had mine as long. Also, I've never given any away.

Hope you feel better soon.
Lynn Proctor said…
sorry about the stings--good for you--getting new stuff--and i know how you feel about the old ones----have fun, chasing that grand-baby!
Jemi Fraser said…
I still haven't warmed up to my new stove and it's been a few months. My hubby and I have no proof, but we're now sure it isn't even the one we ordered... they say it is, but I have my doubts!
nutschell said…
oh my. wasps are definitely scary. Hope your pinky heals soon:)
I still feel like my refrigerator is new and we replaced it in '98! I'm wondering if its days are numbered...
Carol Kilgore said…
The last time I got stung by a wasp, it was a big red one. And it stung me on my left ear. Burning pain. And swelling. I'm a little sensitive to stings. All this lasted about a month.

Congrats on the new appliances. Have you named them yet?
Anonymous said…
We grow attached to our old appliances because they were made to last. That new washer that I was raving about? Yes, well, it has decided to die on me. My old dryer worked for years before it decided to give me trouble.
Mary Aalgaard said…
Nothing ever goes smoothly when it comes to service "men" and repairs. Sorry about the wasps. They ARE nasty. Have fun with the grandson!

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cleemckenzie said…
Ouch! That wasp sting must be worse than a bee sting, which is darned miserable.

We had appliances delivered by two men, using those sling things, so I have a visual. They are very effective.

Happy Grandparenting.

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