Back to Work

So, I helped with a back-to-school fair for kids last week where the children (if their parents signed them up) received school supplies, a backpack, shiny new shoes, haircuts, and vision checks. They got to climb on a school bus, fire engine, and cop cars and the children got to meet cool people who care about them.
Kids are awesome. I tried to convince a couple of kids that the image of Hannah Montana on the back of their backpacks was me. They weren’t convinced.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, children deserve a childhood (safe and full of love).
Summer vacation is over for me and I’m back at work today. I am blessed all over the place.
Here’s my prayer for you (and me). May we never take anything in our lives for granted.


  1. I like that prayer. :)

    What a great opportunity for children to be prepared for their school year--and great for you to help out!

  2. Beautiful prayer!

    Have a wonderful day. :)

  3. Children definitely deserve a childhood. Kids grow up too fast these days.
    I'll buy that you're Hannah Montana!

  4. What a nice thing to do! I think that programs like that are amazing and should be done across the world.

  5. " children deserve a childhood (safe and full of love)"

    YES! YES! YES!

    Beautiful post. :)

  6. Children deserve a childhood safe and full of love... I agree 100%.

    (and the Teresa/Hannah comparison... it could work... *chuckles*)

  7. Wonderful prayer!
    Enjoy being back at work.

  8. I get to see the 50 or so kids I work with next week when school starts and I can't wait. I love their humor, smiles, excitement and energy. No matter how I'm feeling, they put things into perspective. Have a great week!

  9. I was looking for something like this for my nieces. With their parents unable to afford school supplies, this was much needed. I am glad those kids got what they needed.

  10. Love your prayer. Hard to believe it's time for school again. Where did the summer go? Hope work goes smoothly.

    Thoughts in Progress

  11. Back to school is a really busy time for students. I'm glad I no longer have to go through that particular rat race.

  12. a great pray---so true--we never should take any moment for granted :)

  13. Beautiful prayer!
    And yes, kids deserve a rich and wonderful childhood.

  14. Hi Teresa .. those words are magical "May we never take anything in life for granted" ... so wonderful to read.

    What fun going back to school - 'cept holidays are lovely too ..

    Enjoy this coming week .. Hilary


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