Failure isn’t for the weak...

Have you ever read the book The Little Engine That Could? It’s probably my favorite inspirational book. Not too long ago in a down moment, I was walking through my house and thought, I have failed at so many things—more things than I’ve achieved.  So I wondered, why don’t I give up?

I mean I’ve failed at important things like:
·         Job interviews
·         Relationships
·         Writing
·         Current Job
·         And MANY other things

(It may take) 1000 failures = 1 SUCCESS

If my formula for success discourages you, don’t let it. What I’m trying to say is that failure shouldn't mean you give up. Nope. If babies stayed on the floor after they fall down,  we would have no walking people. 

With every trip and fall, we learn. Rejections from any source should be our fuel to succeed. I've failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed.Michael Jordan

Personally, my failures often give me purpose.

I was shown this video recently and you need to see it, too. We shouldn't give up before we try. And, failure should be your fuel. If you have failed you are strong because failure isn't for the weak.

How about you, what are your thoughts on success and failure?

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Quote source: Brainy Quotes


  1. My thought is that you can't appreciate what we call success unless you've failed enough to be able to see it! I've failed at so many things! Too many to list. But one nice thing about gives you the opportunity to try again!

  2. We learn from failures. Still not fun, but they serve a purpose.

  3. Love this post. I didn't watch the whole video, but I know the clip is from the movie Facing the Giants. That part was one of the turning points for the football team. Such an encouraging movie on not quitting and perfect for this post.

  4. I love that quote by Michael Jordan, and The Little Engine that Could :) I don't think about failure. To me, what other people might call failure I call "things that didn't work." Or maybe "It isn't my time yet." Then again, I don't think much about success either and have never really felt successful about anything because I'm always setting goals beyond. Interesting post! You can tell from my long comment that it made me think.

  5. Hey darlin', I'm still on a Ponderosa summer sabbatical but I was thinkin' 'bout ya and had to pop in and wish you a great school year.

    This has been one summer hasn't it? Our crops are screamin' strong and hard for some rain. 'Seems it goes over, under or around us.

    God bless and enjoy the school year sweetie. I WILL return when things 'round here slow down a bit. :o)

  6. Interesting thoughts...
    Failure is the stepping stone to success... I do believe that!

  7. I loved this video! Thanks so much for sharing it. We can all do so much more than we think we can. This fired me up again, and I needed that.

  8. What a great post...I think success and failure is all in the eye of the beholder...Say a writer gets their book rejected. While they think they "failed," I could also argue they were successful at finishing the story even if the story was turned down. It's just a matter of perspective. Try replacing the word "failure" with "learning opportunity."

  9. Failure is a great learning tool.

  10. Interesting post, Teresa! I've failed at many things myself. I remember one of the old sayings I heard my grandmother say over and over, "if at first you don't succeed, try, try again." It's in not trying that spells failure to me.

  11. As soon as I fail, I begin to see the situation as a challenges, and challenges are designed to be risen above.

  12. You fail?

    Not in my book.

    You are a mentor and anything you percieve as failure strikes me as a road map you are sharing with the rest of us.

  13. I love your attitude. If we didn't fail, how would we ever know that we've succeeded? Hope you have a great weekend.

    Thoughts in Progress

  14. Excuse me--did you probe my brain and dig out this post? I fit this profile so well. If failure were equated to strength, then I must be Superman.

    Like you I'll keep plugging away. Not everything I've done has been failure. I've had plenty of wins and life has been good.

    Wrote By Rote

  15. haha i have to agree with lee--i would be superwoman!

  16. That video is the most amazing thing ever. I've always loved the quote that says something like, "What would you do if you knew you could not fail?" I think all failure can be seen as success if we allow ourselves to see God's hand in whatever the event - if we allow ourselves to get up and keep going. Wonderful post.Thank you.

  17. Hi Teresa .. failure is our foundation .. and we need piles of them - then we can straight and tall .. yet we'll still fail at times ..

    Great post - cheers Hilary


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