Random Thoughts for Monday

Some of you (or maybe one of you) asked if I had skinny or big hair. Don’t let my photo deceive you. Without product, I have big bushy hair.
Anyway, bushy curly hair did not make me happy growing up. My mom and my best friend both had straight dark hair. I did not. To rectify my lack of smooth hair in the 1970’s (when it was very cool to have long straight hair), I:
·         Asked to have my hair thinned. They used scissors with teeth that my hair guru uses today to give layers to my hair. Guess what?  Using those scissors way back then did thin my hair but when the first humid MO. day happened my hair went bushy all over again.  It must have been the layers. Then I…
·         Discovered Protein 21 shampoo to help with the frizzies. Wonderful stuff.  I also…
·         Saw someone using juice cans as curlers. I did it too. This helped straighten and tame my long hair somewhat. Then the ultimate happened. I discovered…
·         Large three inch in diameter curlers or rollers. That did the job. I usually slept on them all night to dry my hair since the giant rollers wouldn’t fit under the hairdryer.
All I can say is YIKES.  
Lesson’s I learned last week:
·         Kids are still going to bed hungry in our world. Not cool.
·         Students listen to you and often hear your voice in their heads when they think they are doing something you wouldn’t approve of, even when you’re not their parent.
·         I’ve always been an ingenious detective, but with the internet, I’m amazing.
·         Cat’s scratch.
·         Bees buzz and people run.
·         No matter how hard you try to pull in your stomach, it’s gonna pop back out at some point.
·         And, Alex Cavanaugh is a one popular dude. He made JW fashionable momentarily…almost like queen for a day.  If I’d known that prior to his appearance, I would have rented myself a tiara or a prom dress or something.  Thanks again, Alex, for the interview!
Now, what did you learn last week? What do you expect to learn this week? And what about this time next year?  Too much? You want me to stop?


  1. Love this post, Teresa.

    What did I learn last week? Be content with what I have and where I am in life.

    What do I expect to learn this week? ...where my new characters will take me and whether I'll be able to get started on their story.

    Have a good week, Teresa. :)

  2. Glad the Ninja Army descended upon you last week! Thanks again for the opportunity.
    And that sounds like a lot of trouble for hair.

  3. Straight hair...you reminded me of my hippie days of the early 70's. I so envied those guys who had long straight hair. I kept my hair long but it tended to curl and wave--not in the fashionable afro style like some of my friends had, but just a big kind of wavy bushy mass. Actually it didn't look that bad, but I really wanted long straight hair. But alas, those days and that hair is gone.

    Wrote By Rote

  4. hmmm i think i might have learned last week, that some people maybe a lot of people don't get my attempts at humor--i hope i learn this week, how to lower my blood sugar better and how to be myself better---great post:)

  5. My seventeen year old son has stolen my psychiatry textbook and is reading about dreams and sleep. You won't believe the stuff he's quoting to me. Well, I shouldn't complain. At least he's learning.

  6. Great post! I learn that my anxiety building up to a thing is far worse than what actually happens. I learned that if a child is near a puddle, he'll jump in it.

  7. I've always wanted "big, bushy hair" instead of the lifeless strands I've inherited...
    You're so right - be grateful for what you have!

  8. "I’ve always been an ingenious detective, but with the internet, I’m amazing." Love it.

  9. I learned that a co-worker's roommate had been admitted to the hospital on suicide watch, and the same co-worker's mom who lives many many miles away has been diagnosed with less than 6 months to live. That two very good friends (inseparable) have been quarreling and are no longer speaking, that someone else has been fired, that baby boy got a job, someone else desperately needs a kidney transplant and basically, life goes on. No matter how glorious or disastrous it is nothing God didn't know about before it happened and He will walk us through every step of the way.

    God bless!

  10. hello there! I love what you learned. I learned that you can go home after years away if you just go with the flow and try to enjoy all the little things around you--don't judge cause someone always will anyways:))

  11. I've embraced my big, bushy hair. Back when I cared more about style though, I blow-dried and then curled with a curling iron. Bushy hair holds a curl really well. Then again, I didn't live in humidity until recently.

  12. Great post Teresa :0)
    What am I up to? Preparing for the start of a new job on Friday (yikes!)
    This time next year? I really, REALLY hope my book's published (and successful, but maybe that's too much to ask).
    I saw a comet last week streak across the sky...I wished on it...let's hope wishes come true & the world becomes a better place.


  13. What I learned last week: Labor Day came faster this year than last. I still have no control over much of anything. I know a little bit more about writing, but not enough.

    As to hair: I'm blonde, therefore, I know all the jokes and how to laugh or not when I hear them.

  14. Great post! I'm usually the one running from the bees, hehe.

    What I learned today is that trying to create the perfect piece of writing usually ends up with me looking at a blank piece of paper with a tense face. To be free with words and then edit later works well, and to know when enough is enough :)

  15. Oh the lengths we'll go for our hair!
    I wish the citizens of the world worked harder at taking care of each other. Let's turn to battles from land and oil and greed to figthing poverty.

  16. what i learned last week is that...there are still compassionate and kind people out there. and that feels so good!

    big hugs!


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