This summer has been interesting and miserable, here in MO, because of drought conditions and extreme heat. There is nothing more refreshing than a breeze wind of a 105 degree day cascading blowing over in your face—NOT. Since the weather has been dangerously hot, I’ve stayed inside mostly, which is a bummer.
The grass is dead. Nature is suffering. It’s rained twice this summer at my house. That’s it.
This summer has pulled many dollars from my purse.

1.      Remember the two new appliances? Then ...

2.      My air conditioning unit stopped cooling. Not COOL! Then...

3.      I had to replace my windshield—cracked like an egg. Then...

4.      I broke the second toe on my right foot, but it healed fast.  

For fun I:

1.      Celebrated three birthdays (with dinner) with family at my house.

2.      Went to Silver Dollar City in Branson.

3.      Went on my yearly Laura Ingalls Wilder pilgrimage to the Mansfield home with Dr. Lovely Daughter, ate at a local cafĂ© and visited a used bookstore where three cats live.  

4.      Took my three oldest grandkids to the movies (the day after the Colorado shooting). I felt a bit anxious and planned an escape plan in mind and quizzed the kiddos on where the exits were located.

5.      We ate pizza and banana splits back at my house. They slept over.

6.      Spent an evening with friends at a fish fry. My mouth still waters at the thought of the fish and hushpuppies. I ate too much desert. We were forced (not much force was applied) to take leftovers home.

7.      Babysat the littlest man a couple of times. He will be two years old soon. He’s awesome and funny.

8.      Had lunch with my sister, in the town, where she works. She's been trying to find hay for her sheep with little or no luck.

9.      Painted the dining room.

I've been writing, of course. Daisy's Dead (short story mystery) is nearly 4000 words. The Theater(short story romance) is about 700 words.

It's back to work next week!

Questions for you: What have you been doing for fun? Have you ever broken a bone? Drought or not in your part of the country?


  1. Your summer sounds wonderful, apart from the broken toe, skinny purse and drought :o

    Here in Glasgow, it has been nothing but torrential rain for what seems like FOREVER. I miss hanging my washing out to dry.

    I've never broken a bone, but I've heard a broken toe is brutal. Poor you :( get well soon! And good to hear you're doing so well with your writing :)

  2. Sorry about your toe! And no AC in the heat we've had this summer would be awful.
    No drought here - the humidity has kicked up rain storms almost every night.

  3. Hope your toe is much better now! Sounds like you had an expensive, but fun summer...hope you'll get some rain soon.

  4. As you know, here in mid-Missouri the summer heat has been horrible. I haven't been out of the house too often either, just to water flowers and the few veggies and hurry back inside by the a/c.
    I broke my ankle in the worst place, the joint, many years ago. I can't begin to describe how much pain I lived with for a very long time. My foot still doesn't bend up and down like a normal one does. But at least I don't walk with a limp any longer. The surgeon predicted I'd always have a limp. Hope your toe is doing better!
    Rain? What is that? We've only had a few sprinkles here and there.
    This hot and dry summer has kept me a bit on the cranky side. I try not to be, but some days I lose the battle!

  5. Glad your toe is better! Despite the bad stuff, I think you had a great summer :)

  6. I finally got to visit my family after not seeing them for a year and a half. That was fun. We've done a lot of fun things together.

  7. You've been having lots of fun! We're having a terrible drought here in southern Indiana too. And like you, our air unit gave out. We had to wait weeks to get the new one installed and those things are very expensive. I broke my leg when I was 13. You're lucky with your toe. Sometimes they're tricky!

  8. I like how you itemized the problems and followed with a list of the blessings and fun things.

  9. sounds like we both have been busy with our grand-kids this summer---sorry about your toe--i don't think i have ever broken anything---it is not too dry here--hope you get rain soon---my daughter would love the ingalls trip!

  10. After a major drought and too many dried up cornfields, it is finally raining here in Florida. It's beautiful. I love the rain, wind, lightening & thunder.

    Summer went by too fast. How come times goes quicker and quicker the older you get?

    My theme of my summer has been on finding my congruence. I realized that I was feeling discouraged because things in my life weren't synergizing. It's been a slow process but I'm starting to feel normal again. This has actually been a very liberating (and enjoyable) experience. Sounds like you had a lovely summer. Good luck with the start of school!

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  12. Teresa, at least you threw in some fun in all this heat. It's so hot in the afternoons that I keep thinking my air conditioner is broken. The house just won't cool down until around 8. :(

  13. Sorry to hear you broke your toe. I'm glad to read you're doing better.

    What color did you paint your dining room?

  14. Sorry about the toe... hope it's on the mend!
    My end of the world, we're in the middle of winter. But our average winter day is equivalent to your coolest summer day... something along those lines...
    All-in-all, sounds like you've been busy...

  15. Hi Teresa - the weather in the States has looked awful and I think I'd rather have our torrential spates of rain - thankfully I haven't been flooded though. $$ escaping is a bit much - hope that hole has been blocked up for a while.

    So pleased you've had some fun though .. the time with grandchildren is precious isn't - and being able to be with your children too - and your annual visit to the Wilder home with Dr daughter ...

    Great to read and see - cheers Hilary

  16. Sounds like you've been having the ideal summer. There used to be a Silver Dollar City in East Tennessee, but then Dolly Parton bought it and turned it into Dollywood--made it even better. Mmmm--fish fry! My mouth is watering now too.

    Tossing It Out

  17. For several reasons I'm feeling the need to comment!
    The drought has dried up the nearby river and closed my summer-kayaking job down. :(
    I broke three bones in my foot years ago when I tried to kick a bug crawling up a cinder block wall. (Don't ask... ok fine, the answer is rum)
    The phrase 'used bookstore where three cats live' just painted all kinds of images in my head and stirred my creativity. I thank you for that.


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