... as I see it:

1.      Pet rocks are not really pets and they can’t…love you.

2.      Storks do not bring babies. Sorry, I thought you knew.

3.      Nor are babies found in cabbage patches.  If you happen to find a patch of cabbages you will more than likely find…cabbages growing.

4.      Speaking of babies, it hurts to birth a baby, don’t ya know?

5.      It hurts more when your baby grows up and leaves the nest.

6.      But, you’re also happy about it—the empty nest. Eventually.

7.      Yes, there is a Santa Claus and an Easter Bunny, because I said so.

8.      Pinking shears have nothing to do with shearing the color pink.

9.      When you ask a kindergartener if they are driving yet, they may give you an odd look, but, their siblings will think it’s funny.

What is a truth you've learned lately?


  1. I have learned that an archaic word for one being full of beer is ...crap, I forgot it already and it was only 3 blogs ago. Maybe I need one. lol

  2. I'm already thinking about empty nest syndrome and it's a couple of years away! (I guess college is sort of a half-empty nest.)

  3. Hi Teresa ..cabbages I thought made patches for bedspreads .. or perhaps the bed spreads when cabbages are plonked all over them? Smelly bedroom though ..

    Can't think of a truth I learnt recently - plenty I'm sure ... ?!

    Enjoy your last few days before work again next week .. cheers Hilary

  4. 1-I like having an empty nest
    2-I miss my daughtgers being little
    3-no matter what I try to instill even now in my daughters that one or two always come back b/c they've gotten themselves into trouble
    4-If you think you can't, you won't, the mind is very powerful and can convince you of anything.


  5. What about those mood rings? Remember those. They would change colors according, as the box said, to your mood.

  6. Yeah, but pet rocks don't require any care.

    Tossing It Out

  7. i kinda dip pet rocks--and yes there is for sure a santa--not sure about the Easter bunny haha---my truth this week is, i don't think i know anything much :)

  8. These are awesome truths!
    And I could tell you a lot of stories about those pet rocks. There was one family of them that....

  9. In second grade a boy gave me a very cool rock, which I still have today, and that boy is now my husband. So my pet rock is most definitely full of love!!

  10. My truth on this hot day is that the ice in my tea always melts too fast!

  11. What? Storks don't bring babies? Then who dropped that kid on my doorstep after I turned 40?

  12. There definitely is a Santa Claus and an Easter Bunny. It was magic when I was a kid and it'll be magic for my son!

    A kiss from a kid doesn't cure all injuries, but it sure makes me smile.

  13. I love this selection...

    The truth I have a habit of quoting? There are 3 sides to any story. His side, her side and the truth inbetween! So keep an open mind!

  14. Love your "truths"

    what could I possibly add?


  15. I will have empty nest syndrome next week, after having had kids at home for 29 years. No, that's not a typo. I birthed those babies in 2 sets, same hubby (someone asked me that once.) Looking forward to my next chapter in life!

  16. Been through that empty nest syndrome, and you do get over it. Now is there a syndrome for, "You've been here a week, and I love you, but its time to go back home"! lol


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