Oh How I Miss You Blogfest

I am joining Alex Cavanaugh’s (with Andrew Leon and Matthew MacNishOh How I Miss You Blogfest. First of all Alex is the greatest. Secondly, this is a wonderful idea. Good job guys.

For me, a funny thing happens when I get to know you through your blogs. You’re in my heart forever and I care about you.
Jane Kennedy Sutton was a writer from Jane’s Ride. It was May 6, 2011 when she passed (I think of cancer). She wrote a book called The Ride. When her husband posted a eulogy, on her blog, I felt sadness for her passing and for her family. I know they miss her. And I miss her positive and informative posts and her spirit.
Two bloggers that I followed early are White Dove (photo) and On Larch Lane (removed). I wonder about them often.
And lastly is my daughter’s blog, the frugal shrink. She started her blog to post about her journey of living frugally during her graduate years and mostly during her internship. It’s not like she’s missing in action, but she doesn’t blog there much anymore and I miss that. She keeps threatening to start a blog to post some of our kooky conversations and off the wall and “funny” things I say to her. I’m not sure if that’s a threat or not.
For the rest of you, if I’ve ever read your blog, I appreciate you and what you write so much, just so you know.


Hi Teresa .. so pleased you mentioned Jane - Ciara Knight did too - with a repost of husband Kim's lovely words on her passing.

We do become attached don't we - wondering how people are ... I miss so many.

Ah - your daughter .. she sounds and looks amazing fun .. and I sincerely hope she'll start up her kooky blog - would love to hear mention of those conversations ...

Cheers to you ... Hilary
I remember Jane. That last post by her husband was so sad.
Thanks for participating in our blogfest!
Angela Brown said…
There are so many bloggers to choose from as far as who I would miss that it would take me forever to choose, but you've made some nice choices for the ones you miss because of their inactivity.
cleemckenzie said…
It's amazing how much we know about the bloggers we follow: the joys as well as the sorrows. We often never meet each other, but we become connected through our words.

I miss Jane, too. I think of her frequently...although I only knew her through her blog.

I didn't know your daughter had a blog! Cute girl. :)
Arlee Bird said…
I'm so glad you mentioned Jane Sutton. Her passing was such a shock to me. I enjoyed her blog and the frequent comments she left on mine. She is missed.

Tossing It Out
Shalet Jimmy said…
I just went through your daughter's blog. It was awesome. Want to read her blog with your funny conversations. I am sorry that I am not acquainted with other blogs that you mentioned. My prayers for them. But this reminds me of a blog which I came across while I was surfing through blogs. The man who was writing was suffering from cancer.I was reading his last blog post. From the post I also realised that he was not alive when I was reading. That evoked a strange feeling in me.
Mark Koopmans said…

I've seen Jane's name mentioned by a few bloggers today... it seems she was a great woman and I'm sorry for her family's loss.

Anonymous said…
I remember Jane Kennedy Sutton well, one of my earliest commenters and hosted me on my first Blog Book Tour. I miss her much. Nicely done.
Carol Kilgore said…
Ciara Knight posted about Jane Sutton, too. I still miss her.

And from your daughter...perhaps a friendly threat :)

I wish I would have added an appreciation line to my blog post today. I hope everyone knows how much I appreciate them, too.
Tamara said…
Aaawww...that's great that you listed your daughter.

And I love hearing about all the people who are not forgotten. Everyone's words live on.
Ella said…
What a touching tribute to Jane! So sad...

Yes, a friendly bribe with daughter might work ;D

I love what you shared~
Golden Eagle said…
I knew Jane Sutton. It was so sad to hear of her passing. Blogging connections are powerful!
Unknown said…
I had set up a blog with a few writing friends years ago and one passed of brain cancer. It is so sad when we lose someone, especially to something so insidious. Bloggers are so inspiring and educational too. My connections mean a lot to me too. Blessings!!
Matthew MacNish said…
The hardest part of this blogfest is hearing about those who have moved on for good. It takes great courage to write about them. Thank you for sharing.
Liza said…
I hadn't read Jane, but learned about her through the Blogerdom when she passed away, and felt such a void. It was a reminder to appreciate who and what we have and make sure folks know how much we care.
Another lovely tribute to Jane. So nice.
Julia Hones said…
Hi Teresa. I found your blog from Hilary's blog. I'd like to follow it but I can't find the icon to follow it.
What a great list. The first one is such a sad story.

I love the picture of your daughter! Great smile!
Jemi Fraser said…
I've been sorely lacking in my blogging and visiting lately. Work is crazy and then NaNo and of course that family of mine! Fun, but chaotic. So I've missed a lot of folks recently :)
How sad about Jane Kennedy Sutton, but lovely that you remembered her for the post. Sounds like a fun blog if your daughter actually started it (the off the wall things you say)!

Shannon at The Warrior Muse
Deb Shucka said…
It is pretty amazing how we can get so attached to people we've only met through their words. Yours is always a blog that provides some form of joy.
Betty Manousos said…
merry christmas to you and yours!!



p.s. i hope you're doing well~

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