I blame Mona

Not last Friday, but a week ago, Friday began like any other happy Friday, except, I was about to embark on a three day weekend which added to my contentment. I awoke with jeans in mind to wear to work and I wrote on my Mona story for over an hour before getting ready. Good start, you would think.
Mona just had awakened to an empty house and her mom had left a non-explanation note on the frig. Mona was a little ticked then decided to go for a walk in a field in back of their rental house. She’s not a country girl so it’s a new world to her. I like Mona’s and her red curly hair and gutsy then pansy attitudes.
Mona was on my mind Friday when I walked outside to feed my cat, EJ (Elton John -- named to match Kiki Dee my older cat) before getting dressed to go to work.
I unfasten the hook on the screen door (screened breezeway) and walk outside with food cup in hand.  I did hear a little something when the door closed (clue), but I ignored it because I’m still thinking about my story. Did Mona have her cell phone with her before leaving the house? Then, I feed EJ and he swats at me playfully, but I’m thinking, does Mona like animals? I walk back to the door and kick the water dish to see if the water is frozen and needs to be replaced. It is frozen (clue). I pull on the screen door to open it, but it won’t open. When the door slammed, the little hook fell back into the little loop thingy, inside.
Now what are the chances of that, I ask you? Before you give me the odds, I need to say that this has happened one other time, in the last couple of years.
Then, I laugh at myself and reassure “me” that I can walk around to the front of the house to get back in. But, I’m thinking, I hope no one sees me in my Pjams and hot rollers. I hurry to the steps to exit the deck and onto – black ice.
Now, I’m airborne hitting the first step with my tush, flying up again, hitting the steps again and continue down in this manner like a ragdoll in midflight. At some point, I hit my shoulder, bounced on the bum and hit my shin and ankle. When I finish falling I'm on my face in the frozen grass and winded.  My left arm is over my head the other arm is under my torso.
What do you think my first thought was? I thought, did anyone see me?  
I stand up. I check to see if my limbs are working. I’m numb and dirty. My hair has flopped into my face. I pat the top of my head and find that there are three missing rollers in the grass somewhere. I don't look for them, but instead, I walk around to the front of the house and back inside.  
Now if you’re a reader of mystery, or a writer of it, the clues were there that I would be falling down icy steps:
a. Frozen water (dish) probably means frozen surfaces.
b. Door slams with a click could mean that the door has latched again and I would be forced to find another entry.
·         Shin cut and huge-mongous bruises from shin down to the ankle and around
·         Scratches on shoulder
·         Stiff neck and shoulder
·         Bruises on bum
·         Sore rib
·         Scratches on fingers
·         Pain EVERYWHERE all last week
·         Bad mood Friday.
At first I blamed EJ, but he didn’t do anything. Then, I blamed Mona because she distracted me. Someone at work gave me a new nickname: Calamity Jane.
So, are you a distracted writer or reader? Do you walk around with remnants of stories on your mind? Have you fallen this year? I have.


  1. Hi Teresa .. oh dear - it's funny how things happen to some people and not others .. perhaps you needed a good story to tell in the days ahead?!

    I do hope those bruises feel easier this week - but so pleased all things are in working order .. including that mush in the head - the brain .. and it's come out fighting ..

    Good luck is all I can say .. but my mind can take me away very easily ... cheers with Mona this week - Hilary

  2. Oh my...I'm so glad you weren't hurt badly Teresa, but...ha! Love the way you related this story. I can *totally* see that happening. Yes, the clues were there, but who could see them when you were watching a movie of your own creation going through your head? Yes, I'm a distracted writer. I've driven myself to the wrong errand before, thinking about my story. Good luck with Mona!

  3. Ugg that sucks a ton, have fallen down a time or two and it isn't pretty. Glad nothing was permanently hurt.

  4. i am glad you are okay!--yes--the worst fall i remember, was when i was taking my son's dog out and on a leash--she pulled one way and i went flying down the front porch stairs--luckily it wasn't too bad--be careful<3

  5. Oh, ACK! Though it IS funny to have your evil lock latching itself... But I'm really sorry about your fall! I hope you're well on the road to recovery!

  6. I'm so sorry but just glad there were no broken bones and that you were able to get up. Could have been a whole different story here.

    I am very careful after having fallen head first down a steep flight of basement stairs holding a roasting pan of a whole ham that I was going to put in basement refrigerator. Sore ribs for weeks and that could have been a different story.

    How to keep your mind on what you're actually doing instead of what you were doing? Ha! You tell me if you figure that one out.

  7. Well, that was kind of funny to read, but it also hurt to empathize with the experience. I am a very, very distracted reader, writer, you name it, although I try to be more focused when I'm driving. I haven't actually fallen completely yet although I feel like I'm continually tottering on the edge of a fall. I mentioned this to my doctor and got the usual reply which I won't say, but the gist is that I need to be careful at my age. I guess I did kind of say it.

    A Faraway View
    An A to Z Co-host blog

  8. Ouch! So sorry for your giant fall! Yes. I get distracted. I make faces and noises, and I'm sure people wonder about me when the characters take over my thoughts.

  9. Yikes!!! Hope you're feeling better by now. I know (from many experiences) how long that achy feeling and those bruises last. I slipped down our stairs a couple of weeks ago (inside, no excuses) and am constantly walking into things. Hope your weekend got better!

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  11. Since I write suspense as well as mystery, I'm wondering why your front door was unlocked while you were out back.

    I'm glad you're all right. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry as I read your story. I could see this happening in slow motion.

  12. Ouch! I am so sorry. Yeah, my first thought would've been "I hope no one saw me."

  13. Ouch. i fell down last year, and was on the wheelchair for 3 months. Not fun. Feel better soon.

  14. Gosh, I'm glad you didn't break anything!

  15. ...glad you weren't hurt. And yes, regardless of the pain, my first act is always to offer a glance at my surroundings, in search of witnesses ;)


  16. Poor Gal, It only hurts my pride when I slip up, so to speak!
    Kit Grady

  17. Teresa, are you sure you are all right? Sometimes it doesn't hurt till later...

    I haven't fallen in awhile and hope I am not jinxing myself. I was scraping the ice off my car windows one time years ago when I hit a patch of ice and ended up sliding under the car. A man was sitting in his pick up truck and even with his truck windows all the way up I could hear him roaring. I was utterly mortified.

    Distracted? Always. I truly believe I was born with ADHD.


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