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It snowed here last week -- two times. The first time brought a couple of inches of snow. It was pretty, but I only like a snowstorm if:
      * It’s not a snow storm.
      * Comes in the middle of the night
      * Doesn’t stick on roads, only on vegetation
      * Looks like a winter wonderland
      * It leaves by the afternoon of that day by way of 50 degree weather.
Then – I like snow. Otherwise, I don’t.
I’m writing a short story romance. Years ago, I read every romance novel, mainly historical, that I could find. Then, I found mysteries more interesting. I like writing mystery, although the jury is still out on how well I write it.
I had an idea for a romance story. So, I'm researching -- not romance silly, but writing it.
Let’s face it; we all love somebody – even if it’s oneself. The card and flower companies will tell you that love is lucrative and a part of everyone’s life.
I'll keep you posted on whether I finish or shred it.
I'm not good at keeping up with everyone's success. But, I'm going to try to do better. I'm dedicating the right column √†of this blog to posting blog hops, books, covers, etc.
There's a new post on The Ruralhood, if you're interested: Casting Shadows.
What is your favorite genre to read? To write? Do you like snow?


  1. I bet you could write a good romance!
    I like the snow when it dumps a foot and traps me in the house for days. Sadly we didn't get that much snow this past weekend. Bummer.

  2. I love snow!! The only thing I don't like about it is how dangerous it can be for drivers. I like it best when it only wets the roads because it looks so so pretty coming down and dressing the trees and it's not too dangerous for everyone to drive in.

  3. My favorite genre is usuall paranormal. Sometimes fi-sci. Sometimes horror. Sometimes Chicken Soup.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  4. Hate snow altogether but I suppose it is fine if one doesn't have to go anywhere.

  5. Good luck with the short story! You are great at them. I've been shredding about 9 out of 10 of my stories lately!!

  6. Good luck with your romantic endeavor! I think I could maybe write a chick lit that included romance, but not a genre romance... I'm just too darned cynical... I agree with you completely on snowstorms...

  7. I used to hate snow because I lived in Canada where it snowed all the time. However, now that I live in Mexico, I miss the snow. It's so beautiful.

    I write mysteries and love to read them too.

  8. Mystery, suspense, and romance. To read and write. I like when it's snowing and fresh snow. Once it's trampled or gray or other colors, I'm ready for it to be gone.

  9. Oh, and thank you for including my cover in your sidebar!

  10. Yay, snow!...I really hope you don't shred your story---maybe you could make it into a mystery romance, since you seem to like both genres.

  11. Hi Teresa ... love snow - it looks wonderful, but dealing with it is a pain ... yet it kills some of the bugs we don't need ... sounds like we're all rooting for you ... mystery, suspense and romance - all good to me ...

    and your Ruralhood doesn't pop up in my reader - am off to restore ...

    Don't shred it - plenty of other objects for the shredder! Cheers Hilary

  12. Your snow looks pretty. (Up here it has all melted, then froze so now it is more like clumps of ice.)

    I hope your romance story goes well! Romance is fun to read from time to time.

  13. i think the jury is certainly in, that you are a writer!!! i feel the same way about the white stuff :)

  14. All the best. But I love mystery. I wish you best of luck to write good mysteries....

  15. I love action and character arc regardless of the genre. Just keep the pace moving forward with twists and turns and I'll be interested.


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