The Weekend

It’s been busy in my world since last Friday so my Monday post will be short. I traveled with my daughter to St. Louis this weekend to a Vintage Fair. We had some tense moments, but mostly a fun filled weekend. Mother’s Day I spent with my mom. I always enjoy time with my mom.
My daughter sells vintage items on Etsy and took some of her stock to a Vintage Fair. I loved spending time with my daughter. We met awesome people. We stayed in a plush hotel. What’s not to like? Well, the tense moments of a trip that almost always related to – driving are what I don't appreciate.
Tense moments:
-Eight lanes and driving an oversized SUV in the middle of four lanes is well an education in itself.
-Don’t forget I live in a rural area.
-First detour on the way to the hotel was tricky, but doable.
-Don’t forget I call a rural town -- home.
-Lots of downtown St. Louis traveling.
-Did I mention I live rural?
-We did everything right by visiting the site of the fair (two miles away) the day before. Easy Peasy. Then there was a race, a race of pink t-shirted tutued little girls, which blocked our easy 2 mile trek to the fair.
-What? I’m a small town girl with no navigational skill to my name.
-A helpful city worker told us three different ways to get there, each one being a faster or easier way. Bless his heart.
-Didn’t he know I drive in rural areas?

We did what he said and drove farther downtown, past a Walgreens, took a highway to another highway and missed our exit and took another exit. We looped and drove, looped some more and exited and somehow, by the grace of God, we ended up at the Vintage Fair.
Like in your face -- right there. How is that possible? The Vintage Fair was loads of fun.
How was your weekend?


  1. I don't think you mentioned you lived rural, you may want to tell everyone that haha sounds like fun indeed

  2. I had to chuckle at "Bless his heart!"
    I've driven through St. Louis. It's never fun.
    Glad you had a good day with both your daughter and your mother.

  3. My SUV isn't over-sized but it's still tense driving through heavy traffic. At least you made it to the fair.

  4. Glad the fair was fun - makes the driving worth it! I hate the stop and go and general nuttiness of cities when I'm not familiar with the area - very stressful!

  5. i live in the burbs but still lots of traffic, i hate it----the vintage thing sounds really fun--i had a pretty good weekend :)

  6. I'm more familiar with KC than STL since my son lives there, but I don't like the traffic in either city! I don't know why everyone has to drive so stinking fast! At rate, when I get back home to my small rural town, it makes me appreciate it all the more. Glad you made it to the fair, sounds like fun!

  7. Hi Teresa .. well so pleased you circumnavigated St Louis and enjoyed the Fun of the Fair and managed to see your mother, and have that time with your daughter ... all good to me.

    Last weekend was a quiet one for me - this weekend is London town and a family wedding .. cheers Hilary

  8. Sounds like good times. Been through St. Louis a few times. One of these days I'll have to stop and take in the Golden Arch.

  9. I've driven through St. Louis. I'm wondering if you live in a rural area :)

  10. What a fun trip! My wife and I would like to return to St Louis someday and spend a bit more time. Last time we were there the tram to the top of the Arch was closed for like one of the first times ever. We were so disappointed though we still had a good time visiting the museum and walking around outside in freezing cold.

    A Faraway View


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