A Little Catch-Up Through Rambling

I wish I could get my act together and post regularly. Summer is a struggle for sure with keeping up with all the family activities and projects around the home that have to be done. And let’s not mention the lawn mowing—let’s not. It’s always Nature versus Teresa.   
But it’s not like I'm just sitting around:
Did you know that a teenage boy and a tween boy can eat an entire bucket of popcorn and eat dinner later and not think twice about it? Well I knew it too, but had forgotten. The oldest grandsons and I went to see Man of Steel. I think they liked it. They stayed the night at my house, too.
I found out (at the movies) that I kind of like Skittles—not every day, but once in a while. I had never tried Skittles, but have now "experienced the rainbow". They weren’t chocolate and didn’t look appetizing, so why try them? Who knew they were delicious? Everyone? Oh! I think my daughter was appalled to learn that her mother had never tried Skittles. I’ve got lots of secrets like that.
The granddaughter had seen all the movies she could see, so we bought a Barbie movie that she hadn’t seen, ordered in pizza and played whatever she wanted. Just us girls. She stayed all night, too. She loves coming here and does not keep it a secret.
I cleaned out my two car garage. Wow, it was disgusting.
I re-painted my mailbox. That was fun trying to prep it and paint it with the threat of rainstorm AND the pending arrival of my mailman, hoping it would be dry by the time he delivered my mail.
As normal in humid MO, you can see the vegetation grow before your very eyes. This means that I’m always fighting aggressive weeds and have pulled and treated them for the fifty-millionth time this summer.
Summer vacation is winding down. I will be heading back to work next week for a couple of days and the next week—I will be representing the school at a back to school fair and meeting with our bus drivers for an in-service we’re doing for them. The next week after that, it’s back to school (or work) for good.
And writing—I’m always writing. That’s the important part—right? Well, I think so. I should take a couple of days and do nothing.
Can YOU eat a big bucket of popcorn and eat dinner thereafter? Are you a Skittles fan? What's the temperature in your neck of the woods?


  1. Want to come clean my garage?
    I have two nephews and I know how much they can eat. I used to be able to eat like that, many, many years ago...

  2. Yeah they can sure stog it away each day. Sounds like a busy bee at your sea

  3. I love skittles. I like most sour candies and they fit the bill. You know what I hate? Weeds. Weeds are the bane of my summer existence. They keep reminding me what a negligent gardener I am, not that I aspire to gardening greatness, but still...

    Glad you had fun with your grandkids!

  4. I don't think I've ever tried Skittles either. Maybe if I dipped them in chocolate first. Sounds like you've had a busy, but fun time. Hard to believe summer is winding down. Our weather goes from very hot and humid to rain. I think the normal temperatures went on vacation.

    Thoughts in Progress

  5. No, I could not eat that much and the thought of trying a Skittle has me running backwards. I think fruit/sour.

    Hot and humid here and thank goodness yesterday and today...tiny showers.

  6. My son's in his 20s now and I'm still always amazed how much and how often he can eat! Big supper then less than an hour later, he's building sandwiches or grilling burgers. crazy male metabolisms!!

  7. See, I'm not the only one who has not given Skittles a chance. That makes me feel much better.

  8. I've never tried Skittles. My candy has to be chocolate or I don't eat it. Ha!

    I'm from MO, so you know how hot it is here. :)

    I hope you get a few days to relax before returning to work. Take care and stay cool!

  9. Hi Teresa .. sorry I haven't been by to help with your weeds and clean out .. we have a date sometime!?

    Not sure I'd like skittles - not too keen on sweets, but who knows .... once tried I might never give them up.

    I hope you can get a couple of days break - yet so pleased you had time with the grandchildren .. that's extra special time ..

    Enjoy the time before full term begins .. cheers for now - Hilary

  10. Love popcorn! I can eat half a bag and then dinner later. Sunny and hot with high temps around 100 here in San Antonio. Typical summer :)

  11. I don't even want to confess what I COULD eat. LOL! But true story. I had a horse who hated carrots, but adored Skittles and Sprite. The expressions on people's faces when they would see my kids feeding him at horse shows were always priceless. :)

  12. not a fan of the skittles but yes i can eat lots of popcorn and then dinner unless my husband has put too much butter on the popcorn-----you make me look forward to having the grand-kids spend the night this summer---planning to have them the week after the wedding---glad you are having a good summer--it's actually cooler here today but been in the 90's lately--keep cool :)

  13. I love popcorn. Old-fashioned stove top variety, NOT microwave version...
    But a bucketful? Phew!
    Skittles? Are they like candy coated Smarties...? Well, I'm not really a fan of sweets... more of a savoury gal.
    Sounds like you're keeping busy? Busy is good. Though taking time out for R&R is also good. And it's mid-winter my side of the globe...
    Writer In Transit

  14. I loved reading this! Such a variety of topics! Let's see: No, I could never eat that much before dinner!
    Skittles? Yuck! I tried one or two pieces years ago and thought what a waste of calories! I do not like sour "candy." That's an oxymoron to me!! Give me chocolate!!
    And the temperature here...is not our "normal" summer temp! Much cooler and less humidity...I'll take it! :)

  15. Wow you've been busy! I cleaned out the garage last year and now I think it needs another round of dusting. sigh.


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