Hair matters

It’s crazy what you value in life. I value my hairstylist, and—she’s leaving me. She does my hair, my mom’s hair and my daughter’s hair. For some reason, she seems to want to join her husband in a new youth ministry in Texas. A mega church. She's a country girl.

I feel like a Dr. Jekyll, Mrs. Hyde in that I am sort of happy for her and yet not so much. My unhappiness stems from the fact that I will miss my hair guru because she’s a sweetheart and because she has talented scissor-hands.

I’d rather have to find a new physician, go eat worms or clean out a cat's litter pan than find a new hair stylist/colorist. I rather shop for shoes (torture for me), hear you scratch a blackboard (remember those) or  diet than say goodbye to her.  (See my dilemma?)
Like a good client, I'm letting let her go to do better things in life. More fulfilling things.  Of course I had no choice in the matter. 

Fly away little C.P. Scissor-hands.
On another note, I've been busy over at The Ruralhood. If you haven’t read The Monkey Project then hop on over.

Are you more crushed over losing your hairstylist or doctor?



My hair is such a disaster area (too fine) that I probably *would* be more upset about losing her! Hope you can find a wonderful replacement. :)
The same woman has cut my hair for over ten years. Yeah, I'd be bummed if she was leaving as well.
JoJo said… could move to Texas too. lol ;) I don't have a hair stylist...I haven't even been to Supercuts since I lived in Washington. I braid my hair each night and usually just lop off the ends, and when my bangs start to curl up at the ends and give me 'devil horns', I lop them off too. I would be happy if my doctor left, I don't really like her.
Pat Hatt said…
used the same guy for 10 years or more, but can't say I'd rather eat worms lol blah
Linda Hoye said…
Let me just say that I typed an eloquent and witty comment and then accidentally hit the wrong button and there it was, gone. Bottom line: I am with you. A hair stylist who "gets" your hair is worth her weight in gold. I'm on the hunt since we just moved....wish me luck!
Nicole Zoltack said…
LOL I only get my hair cut twice a year. But I do understand where you are coming from.
Betty Manousos said…
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Betty Manousos said…
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Betty Manousos said…
lol! i visit my hairstylist only when i need a really good few inches off or else i do it myself! yep!

have a blessed week ahead~xo
I Teresa .. oh no - does she make hair grow .. if so I'm coming to Texas and say you sent me! Hair is something I've never had to worry about .. just never had much of it ... fine when I was playing lots of squash, but now could seriously do with an implant of one or two more?!

Now as far as the Ruralhood is concerned and your monkeys you haven't been borrowing my evolutionary 'boys' have you? I'll be over - tomorrow ..

Cheers and just go get another hair cut, or treatment .. but your'e doing the right thing .. wishing her well as she joins her hubby .. good luck to them - Hilary
Carol Kilgore said…
Hairstylist, for sure. And I have an appointment with mine in 30 minutes. I have hair from hell, so when I find someone who can tame it, I treasure her.
Hi, Teresa! I like my haircut lady (hard to call her my stylist but I think she'd actually like to do more with my hair than I let her) a lot more than I've ever liked any doctor.

I hope you might consider joining my bloggers' book club. Details are here:
Laura S. said…
I keep my hair very simple so I go to uncool, inexpensive places like Hair Cuttery or Great Clips and take whoever is first available so I'm in and out as quick as possible. The day I can afford to have a good hair stylist just because will be the day I know I've made it, LoL! :)

My husband and I are house hunting and, depending where we move, I have thought about the fact that it means I'll probably have to change chiropractor, doctor, and dentist. I like my health people. What if my new people aren't as nice or good? Oh well.

I hope you find a new stylist you like just as much! Maybe your current stylist can recommend a good one to you??

Happy reading and writing! from Laura Marcella @ Wavy Lines
I miss my family doctor.He was right down the road,was my parents doctor,my doctor,my son`s doctor,he was the kind of doctor who asked you to call his home if you needed anything,would come down the road to his office to stitch a finger so you wouldn`t have to deal with the er.When he retired last year,we were devastated.But we still see him volunteering at the fire companies dinners,still helping people out.
I do the braid thing with my hair too,using that style especially in the summer....hopefully you`ll find someone else soon with no mishaps!Phyllis

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