Let’s talk commitment.

Lately, as my mind flutters from one thing to another, and I struggle with finishing “things”, I am reminded that commitment may not be one of my strengths.

Here are some of my past commitment issues:

·        Took two years to decide on a dishwasher. (That’s a lot of hand dishwashing.)

·        Took 9 months to call back the replacement window people to schedule a measuring appointment. (I was still deciding.)

·       Been looking for the right dog for years. (Who will take care of it?)

·         Need to open a PayPal account? (Don’t ask me to do it.)

·        Exercise? Forget it! Too much commitment.
Instead of committing myself to important things, I’d rather chase rainbows and butterflies and watch flowers grow. I’d rather unleash the story ideas playing in my brain and hopefully write them until “The End”.

In my defense, I did commit to:

·        Graduating college

·        Raising my children without surrendering them for adoption

·        A 20 plus year marriage

·        Attending the same church for forty-five years

·         Working for the same school district for over 23 years (Although at times….)

For my lack of commitment I blame...
1.      Being a Pisces. Here’s the evidence:

The Dreamer-Poet. Psychic and poetic, moody, hypersensitive, impractical, secretive, kind, self-sacrificing, drifting, escapist, compassionate, gentle. Liberal and sensitive, gentle and caring, progressive and kind, persuasive, nature-loving and imaginative, humane.

Uncertain, vague, easygoing, sometimes careless, difficult to understand, impractical…

2. I blame past experiences for influencing future responses.

3. Most of all, I blame fear for my lack of commitment.

For me, commitment exposes right or wrong decisions and often your dreams.

Erma Bombeck once said, “It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else.” (brainyquote.com)

On another note, I am committed to finishing my newest short story compilation, Body Bags. It’s at 31,000 words and growing, with 13 stories written and more to write.

Is commitment ever an issue for you? Or are you one of those people who can commit to your decision making easily? Do you share your dreams with others or keep them to yourself?


  1. Once I make a decision, I see it through to the end. Although I have been known to ponder major purchases for a really long time.

  2. Some decisions - like life altering ones - I make seemingly on a whim. Easy commitments like calling to reserve a table at a local craft show? Forget it. I thought about being a Big Sister, but was afraid I wouldn't see the commitment through. But leave my 22 year marriage & life on the west coast to move back to my hometown area and move in with a high school classmate I hadn't seen since 1980? No sweat.

  3. I am with you.I am afraid that once I make the decision, something better will come up.

  4. I'm the exact opposite, do it and its done, then i go have fun, a bit ocd that seems to help with it too haha

  5. Love that Erma quote - she was an amazing lady!!
    Fear stands in my way a lot too - one of these days... :)

  6. I keep my list of commitments shorter and shorter these days. That way I have some hope of success.

  7. Loved that you got through those child rearing days without adopting them out. Me, too, but I had some close calls. I still do.

    As to commitment, I also have a problem. I used to be more impetuous, but I learned what a cost that came with, so I started being much more circumspect in my choices. Now I'm so slow at making any kind of choice, I resemble the sloth.

  8. Hi Teresa .. I make decisions pretty quickly ... but if I was committing to something I can take my time - depends somewhat on what it is.

    My problem is that I want to do too much .. and so I'd like to commit (and do so) to do things and then battle along trying to do it all ..

    I just love the way you write .. and those ideas slung out to be hooked up ... Body Bags - well all sorts of connotations there ...

    Cheers Hilary

  9. i used to have a difficult time keeping my commitments but truly now i know myself better so i don't commit to much

  10. hope you had a fab valentine's day my wonderful friend!

    big hugs!

  11. Commitments to others are always kept but my personal commitments lack my attention.

    I am learning how to say no to others and trying to say yes to me.


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