Nothing New, Something New

Nothing New List
  • I hate Mondays.
  • I love my entire family, each one. That hasn’t changed.
  • I’m still grumpy—and a little sleepy and dopey.
  • Missouri humidity still curls my hair.
  • I’m still awesome.

Something New List
I planted Petunias in a stump that is rotting where the metal owl lives. (I hope Petunias like rot.) I also planted two metal sunflowers, one died, but one lived.

In the backyard, I put a pot of Impatiens in a (wash) tub. I hung the tub by a handle on the hook of a pole that I shoved in the ground. (An earthquake happened later causing the pot to become crooked. Really! Not really, but it could happen.)

A gnome now cheers me on as I enter my screened breezeway. (He talks, too, but that’s in my head.)
Last week, I wrote nothing new, but rewriting--something new.

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Anything not new? Anything new? Me either.


  1. Hi Teresa, I'm also rewriting, and this is necessary. I hope yours goes well. The metal sunflower's demise was weird phenomenon. All the best with the Petunias.
    We like to take more interest in our gardens at this time of year. Yours is not so different from ours in England - we have a big tree stump, too. I'll try Petunias.

  2. Love the gnome! And your flowers look really pretty.

    I put some impatiens on my front porch...and they look terrible now! I think I have the kiss of death when it comes to flowers. I suspect that slugs got in the flowerpots. :(

    I like your new "about me" picture!

  3. Did I understand right - you planted two metal sunflowers and one died? I thought I was the only one with a black thumb that could kill a plant just by looking at it. Cute gnome and I love the flowers in the wash tub.

  4. I love the gnome. How fun!!! At least your spring decor makes Monday a little cheerier.

  5. We're still a few weeks away (maybe a month) from planting I think. The long winter has taken its toll!

  6. Nothing new like that is fine by the cat, except monday, ugg to those haha

  7. You have Bubo the owl!
    What does the gnome say...?

  8. You can't go wrong with gnomes and metal flowers, but petunias help.

  9. OK I'll bite: How does a metal sunflower not survive? And don't make jokes about earthquakes.....don't you live near the New Madrid fault line? Last time that one slipped, church bells were shaken in Boston.

  10. There's something I like about tree stumps. I don't know why. I hope your petunias like them, too.

  11. Thanks for stopping by my blog. So happy you liked Dear Anne, and so appreciate the review. Yep soon as I read yours I'll leave a review - next day or so. Thank you thank you thank you.

  12. I have to leave another comment. I forgot to tell you how much I like the creative ways you displayed your flowers. Very nice.

  13. I love the gnome!

  14. I love the owl and the sunflower! They look beautiful!

  15. Hi Theresa .. thanks for looking in on me - and then in my enthusiasm over my blog sandwich I forgot some things .. ne'er mind another blog sandwich day!

    Love the quirkiness of your garden and the way your mind works around plants ... metal sunflowers - I guess they got sunspot ... but I love owl and the petunias should do well ...

    Mr Gnome looks like a good talker .. and I guess keeps an eye on you .. he must worry about earthquakes resulting in a bell-ringing swinging wash-tub ...

    Have a fun weekend and many thoughts across the pond .. cheers Hilary

  16. love that planter idea---and i bet the petunias do love rot :)

  17. Hey Awesome Lady! Anything new yet?

    What is the best short story ever written?
    Tossing It Out


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