This has nothing to do with writing.

This post has nothing to do with my writing, except, I’m writing this. I am still writing--lots. In addition...
I went back to work a week ago last Thursday, and I don’t want to talk about it. Millie DOES NOT want to talk about it either. Sorry I brought it up.
Okay what would you do IF you had been cleaning again and this rogue cabinet door kept popping up, a door you took off a small cabinet that you put on your bathroom wall, but didn’t need the door? I’ve tried to throw it away, but it sticks to my fingers, and I wonder WHAT IF I want to make something out of it.
Finally, it spoke to me in a way that only an old piece of junk can. It said, "I am a coat rack." So this is what I made...
a coat rack for my office at school (no the chalkboard isn't smudged). It would have cost me nothing to make because I had the door, borrowed the paint from my daughter, had a spare board for the insert, leftover chalkboard paint, and the knobs. But then I saw, IT, a dragonfly hanger/hook. I bought one of those thingies thinking that it wouldn’t be so bad at $5.97 plus tax. Then back at home, my OCD screamed like a girl, in my head saying, “It’s not balanced. It’s uneven.” To keep peace in the recesses of my mind, I bought another dragonfly. The coat rack cost me $11.94 plus tax to make it, plus $5000 in gas to go to Lowes, twice.  
The first thing I would like to write on the chalkboard is "Welcome Back! Your dreams are your ticket out." But I'm afraid if I do, I'll end up with an office full of dreamers. I cannot have that.
I have a lot of empty frames of Millie. She runs so fast and floppy, and I want to freeze frame her, but the picture often comes up empty of her image. I used to think she was super fast, moving at rocket speeds, but now I think she might be Magic Millie, appearing and disappearing at will.
This would explain her glowing eyes.

And perhaps explain her friends "the orbs" hovering in this photo above her pen (in the kitchen) and looking in the empty cookie jars. Sorry I ate the last cookie.
I’m a little creeped out. How about you?
Millie no longer fetches a ball for me without bringing it back and diving underneath the chair I'm sitting in to keep it for herself.  Soooo, I gave her my exercise ball and said, "Take that ball under your chair, won't ya?" She didn't.
What's the last thing you recycled or repurposed? Do you ever entertain orbs and ask their names?


  1. Millie is so adorable and I LOVE what you did with that door. Great idea! I've gotten some orb like things in my pics from time to time but I just attribute it to dust particles.

  2. lol she'll have a tough time getting that ball anywhere. Nice repurpose job indeed, I just heave things lol

  3. If not for all the trips to Lowes, that rack would've been really cheap. Well done.
    Don't think Millie is taking that ball under the couch.

  4. You do have a great imagination. If it were me, the door would have just remained a door. Nice job and I like the quote even though you might encourage students to dream. :) Millie and her orbs, so cute. Don't be surprised if she finds a way to get the ball under the chair - the orbs may help her. Have a great week at school.

  5. Hi Teresa .. if I can use something I'll make a plan - I really don't like waste ... and I love the coat-rack idea ...

    You may have a rocking chair soon - how long for is another matter - the ball might burst after a month or two - mind if Millie sits in it - it'll last longer! She is cute ... and how's she coping with you at work?!

    Cheers Hilary

  6. Millie is a true cutie!
    Love the coat rack! I'm not super crafty, but my daughter does things like this all the time and you both impress me!!

  7. Wow--that's amazing! No, I have absolutely no creativity when it comes to repurposing....but I love what you did with the cabinet door! Millie is so darn cute. Does your camera or phone have a sports mode on it? That's how I get pictures of my horseback riding daughter because she moves fast, too. :)

  8. LOVE your coat rack and the dragonfly hangers! And Millie has grown. She's so cute. As to the orbs ... a friend of mine has them with her at times, too - visible only in photos from various cameras.

  9. I don't collect a lot of things so I don't recycle much but I'm always trying to find creative spaces to put the few things I have so I don't have to see them anymore. I love your new chalkboard.

  10. Good job on the coat rack! Millie is a cutie and I see the orb. I've captured what I thought were orbs only to find out I had a speck on my lens. lol! I'll have to tell you what I saw recently that creeped me out. My daughter has a child in her school that occasionally talks to his "friend". No one can see the friend but the child. The "friend" even has a name, which is rather an old-fashioned name. Recently a photo of the child was taken while he was sitting on the couch using a vaporizer. In the vapors beside him there is a face clear as day! I saw it very plainly myself. Now that is just too creepy!!

  11. Awesome job on that coat rack! Wow. And Millie is adorable!

  12. It sounds like you're handling the shock of being back at work as well as possible. I'm really impressed you've been able to be so creative during this time. I love what you did with that door. And your dog makes me laugh, no matter what you show or say about her.

  13. She's SO cute! I love that photo of her carrying the ball in. Yeah, the guys on the TV show Ghost Hunters won't even allow discussion of orbs. They say the vast majority of the time, it's just a result of the camera's flash bouncing off of light or whatever that technical explanation for it is!

  14. $5000 in gas- HA! And Millie is SO CUTE!!!!!


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