Monday Mourning and Stuff!

Monday makes me sad, and I mourn, but what ya gonna do? Go to work that’s what.

Last week, I was a sick puppy (no Millie pun intended). I finally returned to work on Thursday a little wrung out. Upper respiratory.  
I knew I would get sick this school year because “they” moved me inside the building and out of my “mobile classroom” office. The very first year working at the school (1991-92), I was sick the entire year with something. Kid germs.

I hope this year isn’t a repeat of that year.

I’m still in the rewrites of Body Bags. I’m getting a little bored with it. I really need to write something new and will look in my idea folder.
Speaking of writing. I went to the Laura Ingalls Wilder festival again this year. This photo is of Laura's and Almonzo's Missouri home. On the far left of the photo, a young man played Pa Ingalls' (actual) violin. Exciting! (Click on it to enlarge.) Beside me on the grass, a little girl (8 or 9) danced a jig in her prairie dress and bonnet. So cute. The love for Laura's books lives on in the newest of generations. That warms my heart for sure.
Millie the PILL
Millie is no longer cute to me, nor her antics. No really!  The honeymoon is over! I cleaned out my bookcase and left my very old Dog Book (really that’s the title) within her reach. I thought perhaps she would enjoy looking over the part where she’s supposed to be a good doggy.

I found out she doesn't enjoy reading, but she does like eating EVERYTHING. Millie peeled off parts of the cover with her razor teeth and ate it. Right in front of me. And with no shame.  

Millie went to a groomer for the first time. I needed her claws nails trimmed after my final attempt at trimming them and causing her to bleed. While she was there, I also asked that they cut the hair away from her face. Her eyes had been weepy from hair touching her eyeballs.
I kind of liked her better with the overgrown face. It kept her demons at bay. Giving her eyesight back was a mistake.

I swear she’s ornerier with a shaved face, and this is my theory. I think Millie can see better now which helps her locate things she should not do. 

Millie likes snakes, especially leopard snakes. She caught this one in her backyard.
Finally, one more picture of Millie the Nut who listens to nothing I say. I told her she needed to go to bed. I picked up her toys and put them in her toy box. But Millie decided she wanted to play for just five more minutes--in dog years, with Pink Pig.

The End!


  1. Hi Teresa - sorry you've been sick .. those kids' germs must be rather gunky and unpleasant - I hope they stay away once this lot has cleared up completely ...

    Millie looks like she's enjoying life with you - who wouldn't? snakes in the yard, comfy bed to sleep or play in ... someone taking her to the beauty parlour ... crumbs - what a wonderful world!! She sleeps all day and is refreshed for when you come home exhausted and I hope not snuffling any more ... cheers and have a good week - Hilary

  2. Kids are super-germy! Even the big ones. Good luck combating them (the germs, I mean, not the kids). :)

    Millie is so, so cute. I sort of like the haircut, actually.

    And I loved the Little House series of books!

  3. Teresa, do take care this year with this new illness going around schools. I can't help it, but Millie is adorable. With the haircut it reminds me of the Big Bad Wolf - 'the better to see you with.' :-) So glad the love of Laura Ingalls Wilder continues.

  4. Sorry about your book. She's still cute though.
    Kids are so germy, aren't they?

  5. Schools are such a germy place, kids spread them like wildfire. haha Millie just wants to have tons of fun

  6. Do you get flu shots? The only year 1993 that I did not get a shot I was sick, so sick. A classroom is a cornucopia of germs.

  7. Oh Millie! You naughty little fuzz butt! She IS adorable though. lol

    SO JELLY about your being near Laura's house! I love those books and the TV show. On the way east we passed the exit for DeSmet, SD but we just didn't have the time to veer off up there and tour the Ingalls home. The only place I've ever gotten to see is the place where Rose lived for awhile in San Francisco and where Laura stayed when she visited Rose for the 1915 Panama Pacific Expo.

  8. Yeah, sometimes my dog just drives me nuts! I'm glad you're feeling better though.

  9. My sheltie,Belle,who was an outside dog till I was asked to take her,loves to chew every book she can find,cardboard boxes-not so bad,but darn,I love my books! Millie is a cutied tho,as long as she keeps catching those snakes for you,haha.
    My grandchildren have already had the snotty noses & coughs,wishing you mercies this school year that you do not get as sick,have a good week,Phyllis

  10. I love the museum!!! I have visited a couple of times through the years. I felt no much closer seeing Pa's fiddle.

    What amazed me so much the first time was the size of Laura and Almonzo's house. Of course Pa called her half pint but it just didn't click!
    I am glad they are sharing this place with the world.

    Have a wonderful week even though it began with a Monday. Hope your good health stays with you this year.

    Have you contacted Caesar Milan?

  11. Millie is priceless!
    Laura I-W has inspired so many readers and dreamers!

  12. I ♥ Millie :) Our dogs' groomer uses a Dremel tool to do their nails. No sharp edges or bleeding ever. Of course our dogs are 50 and 80 pounds.

  13. Where's the Little House festival? Missouri somewhere? My dog gets the weepy eyes, too, so I need to mention it to my groomer. Our dog doesn't have much fur around there, though--it just stains there.

  14. Your Millie stories make me laugh! Sorry you've been sick. Schools are such toxic places - all that concentration of germs. I hope you're having a good year.


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