What a day!

Have you ever had one of those days where your puppy is done/finished (rake paws together) with pottying outside because there’s too many different kinds of weather, and she hates it, not to mention the distracting noises, but is also done going on papers inside because it’s all or nothing for her, and now she’s chosen to hold it in until she pukes? And she does. Or a day where you sit at your desk for three hours, writing a report that helps fund your position (pretty darn important), waiting for a return call and an email reply, but your bladder grows--heavy (yes I drank two cups of coffee) and then you finally amble down the hallway (because running is not allowed in a school hallway) for a five minute bathroom break, JUST to see when you return that you have the email answer and a voice message waiting for you? Or how about a day, where you finally get an electrician to come check out a room of outlets that won’t work (because your handyman couldn’t find the problem even though he really really tried) and you have a new washer on its way and—it needs to be plugged in to work, but you find out all outlets are now magically working? Then the electrician says after you’ve waited weeks and weeks for him to get to you, “I can’t fix what isn’t broken.”
Then they (crew) try stressing out the plugs in the room and adjoining rooms (because my face is stressed and I’m not letting them leave) only to find out the problem is one single outlet in the kitchen on the same circuit (don’t ask me why because I don’t know) and when the electrician pulls out the old outlet to change it, you are told that it’s blackened and melted because it burned and was a fire hazard. No duh.
To finish off the day, you go to your new hairstylist, because your old one has left you, and it’s just not the same experience.

Have you ever had a day like that?

Then you find a message Saturday morning on your cell phone from your handyman, that after he measured for supplies to fix the rotting fascia boards on Friday morning and went to work on a garage door spring, elsewhere—to adjust it, the spring blew up  nearly killing him and mangled his hand.

The hand that fixes.

This was my day Friday.
Then I learned about my sister’s day. She came back from vacation at the lake to find that lightning had struck an electric pole outside her house, throwing parts of the pole down to the road in front of her house and frying nearly all her wiring and nearly all appliances and electronics. She’s grateful her pets were not killed or hurt.
This life tries our sanity and our faith (sometimes) with extreme measures.

Thanks for reading my run on sentences.


  1. I've had all kinds of days like that! I guess all we can do is live one day at a time. I just let my dog out to pee at 2 a.m. and she saw something that made her bark like crazy. I couldn't get her to stop--so now my neighbors love me!

  2. What a day!

    That coffee is a sure thing for creating restroom breaks. :) But I can't seem to cut down.

    And I've done the same thing with electricians before. Why is it always the expensive repairmen that these things happen with? Hope things look up soon!

  3. If I had to go, I'd run school hallway or not lol but yeah those days sure can come at the most in opportune times, trying our patience.

  4. That's a lot to happen in one day! Your sister's sounds worse though.

  5. Yikes!!! Well Mercury just went retrograde so this isn't surprising. Scary though. Sorry about your sister's situation and I'm glad that her house and pets were spared!

  6. Yikes! Those are some really yucky days! Hope things are getting better!!!

  7. I've had a few days that resemble yours. And I'm extremely grateful not to have had one recently. Now I'm knocking wood that I won't have one anytime soon since I actually wrote that for everyone to read. I suggest you find a different handyman :)

  8. Oh wow...what a day! Here's hoping everything gets fixed and taken care of very soon!

    Sarah Allen
    (Writing Blog)

  9. Hi Teresa - electrics and water - both can be nightmares .. or nightmares are made of these ... I hope that puppy (Millie) starts growing up and behaving ... but I hope you and your sister get those very pesky irritations out of the way ..

    Take care and life improves! Usually ... cheers Hilary

  10. Oh, no. Hope all turns out well and gets fixed soonest!

  11. yikes. that's a lot to happen in one day!

    hope everything gets fixed really soon!

    big hugs~


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