I'm back!

I’m finally back to blogging. I’ll repeat what one of our school nurses said  to me last week(about our district), “There’s a lot of sadness here, right now.” She was referring to three teachers fighting cancer and one of our precious students who decided to complete suicide.
Hearts are heavy, in our school district. Please pray for us.
So, I think it’s time to tell stories on Millie because she is officially one year old and she deserves to be tattled on.  
When Millie came to live with me in April of last year, she chewed and bit me (playfully but painfully) and ate EVERYTHING in sight. She's much better now, even though we've had a few recent incidents lately:
  • One black leather shoe might have the back chewed down.  And,
  • The wool blanket, under the quilt on my bed, now has a large hole on one corner.
Then there's my favorite cashmere scarf that Millie took a bite of. (YES, I made her wear it, although she tried to hide the damage.)  If you look closely, you can see the damage directly below her collar, next to the couch. 

Who needs moths when you have Millie?
Imagine a quarter size hole.
Another little problem we had was with a puzzle that I received for Christmas. I usually put one together every year. Here it is. Pretty huh? I enjoyed it until I got to the end...
...and a piece was missing. Now you might be wondering how I could blame Millie when the puzzle was on its board and on the dining room table (at the time). Well here's the thing, at one point I was sorting the pieces and several fell in the floor. Immediately, Millie runs into the room like she had superman hearing or something and ready to leap small puzzle pieces in a single bound.

I said...okay, I yelled, "Stop, Millie!" And she did. She is obedient in that area. She will stop walking when I tell her to stop. Immediately, I fall to the floor to search for the pieces, and thought I had picked them all up. Then Millie ran to one and popped it in her mouth. I rescued it from her mouth and gave the floor one more once-over.

A few minutes later, I'm working on the puzzle again when I realize Millie is not in the room. If she's quiet, then I know to search for her because she is NOT trustworthy. That's when I find her sitting on my bedroom floor, munching on something. When she sees me, she eats faster because our normal routine is that when I reach her, I say open your mouth. If she has nothing in her mouth, she'll open her mouth for me to look inside, but if she's still chomping, then I have to pry her jaws open. That day when I entered the room, she gulps when she sees me. Whatever she had in her mouth was now in her stomach.

Now you might say that I'm am accusing her without evidence. I say, YOU go look in the backyard. You'll find your evidence.

Piece missing of the back tire.

Millie is a mess and I get frustrated with her at times, but then she does this, hides in plain sight in the "toy room" on the zebra stool. "No, Millie, I can't see you."

Or when she's tired of my accusations, she retires with Santa to her bed.
Before you say aww, isn't she adorable, keep this in mind. After this photo was taken, Millie ate the eyes off of Santa and shredded his hat beyond recognition. Now YOU explain that to Mrs. Claus and all the children of the world come next Christmas Eve.
Ooooh, Millie's okay. When I come through the door after work, she's always waiting with flapping tongue extended and tail wagging ready to maul me with love. I'll probably keep her for another year.


JoJo said…
Oh Millie! How frustrating with that puzzle piece though! Maybe you can photocopy the picture on the box...blow it up to the size of the puzzle and cut out the piece you need?
Pat Hatt said…
lol she just wants to keep you on your toes and make the puzzle a little bit harder
It will just make the puzzle that much more interesting next time you try to put it together.
My dog ate our coffee table legs and my 45 record collection. Some dogs are just chewers.
Welcome back!
Deb Shucka said…
What a character Millie is! I'm sorry for your work life right now - that's a lot to carry, all that sadness. And I know you're the one so many people turn to at a time like this. I hope you have someone (besides God & Millie) to lean on when you need.
Hart Johnson said…
Oh, the chewies... about age 3 they get a lot better, though some never completely outgrow it. We had to learn a lot of strategies when we had Henry (our last dog)--he was a Dalmatian mix and Dalmatians chew when anxious (meaning any time he was home alone)
Gail said…
It's good both of you are enduring.

Times will get better. My thoughts are with you.
Jemi Fraser said…
Millie is a cutie - even tho she eats everything in sight! :)
Sending best wishes to you and your community *hugs*
Unknown said…
I'm so sorry to hear about the sadness in your school district. I learned some bad news this week too. My dog is dying of cancer. I'm trying not to think about it. I won't let her suffer but I want to keep her around as long as possible. She's my little baby.
I`m so sorry that this happened at your school , sometimes we never have the reasons why or if. Praying for all of you.
Your little cutie is adorable! Those teeth bared made me smile. My Belle is like her. She really likes chewing on books, & she is 6. She also runs fast with "stuff", seeing her run makes me run too to see what she has, usually something from the kitty litter, ugh...glad you are back, Phyllis
Arlee Bird said…
Good to see you back! Sorry for the sadness.

That's kind of a unique looking puzzle. A missing piece adds character I suppose.

Arlee Bird
A to Z Challenge Co-host
Tossing It Out

Most people are having a harder time than they appear which is why I treat everyone kinder than their behavior would ordinarily have me doing.

Alex is right: Millie has made that puzzle "hers" and you will always have that story to tell. And some dogs are chewers. In a few years, she will out-grow it. Cross your fingers!
Millie is so *cute*! Makes up for (almost) everything! I love her mischievousness...a real sign of intelligence and definitely makes her fun (and challenging!)
Mary Aalgaard said…
There is a Curious George story about George swallowing a puzzle piece. I think they were able to retrieve it. At least, I remember they gave him an x-ray for proof. Silly Millie, puzzle pieces are for big kids. Thanks for the cute stories. Sorry for all the sadness in your district. Glad you have Millie to lighten the mood.
Carol Kilgore said…
I think Millie's safe :)
Welcome back. Sorry so much sadness is filling your world right now.
I am so sorry to hear about the hardships in your school at the moment. My thoughts and prayers are going out to everyone. Glad to have you back :)
Hi Teresa - oh dear three cancers and a suicide ... so so desperately sad for their families as well as the community to adjust - yes I feel for you. Not an easy time ...

Now Millie - well I'm sure glad she's around for another year and next year's report back I'm sure will gives us a A* report card ... perfect Millie!

Welcome back ... and the puzzle looks a fun one to do - but losing pieces of having them stolen - too bad!! Cheers Hilary
Hi Teresa .. Millie is a delight .. but they can be naughtie - one of their delights as we regale these stories later in life.

I feel for the school and district ... so difficult for everyone - my thoughts - Hilary

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