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ROOTS by Alex Haley

I read the book and watched a TV mini-series.

First Line: Early in the spring of 1750, in the village of Juffure, four days upriver from the coast of The Gambia, West Africa, a manchild was born to Omoro and Binta Kinte.

End Line: I feel that they do watch and guide, and I also feel that they join me in the hope that this story of our people can help to alleviate the legacies of the fact that preponderantly the histories have been written by the winners.

It’s one thing to have the head knowledge of something important, it’s another to feel the importance, in your heart. I feel, this is where belief is born.


  1. I remember when the mini series was on TV but I never watched it. My parents did. I think I read a short excerpt in Readers Digest though. I remember years afterwards that it came out that Alex Haley made it all up.

  2. I haven't read or watched this one. I would agree that belief begins in the heart though.

  3. First I've heard of this one. I think I've heard tell of the miniseries though

  4. Quite a lengthy final sentence there!

  5. Alex Haley's facts may be doubted, but not the truth of slavery. Slavery was no myth, but before "Roots" the mythology surrounding it was shaped largely by the one-sided fiction of "Gone With the Wind" or bodice-ripping gothic romances.

    "Roots" touched a truth that many preferred not to see: slavery used human beings as unfeeling tools.

    Whether Kunta Kinte existed or not, Haley's African ancestors did not come over on the Mayflower. Like other African-Americans, they are living evidence of a brutal institution whose legacy Americans are still feeling.

    Interesting and intriguing post as always. Thanks. :-)

  6. I have been planning on reading the book for a while now, I am really curious about it (plus I teach culture studies so I kind of really should). Maybe in the summer...

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  7. I've never read the book but I do remember the television series.

  8. Hi Teresa .. I tried to read the book once, but failed and the tv series I saw some of ... but as Roland mentions the fact slavery happened is fact .. and still continues on ... we're reminded in many ways - new films, new documentaries, new books and desperately sadly new horrific journeys of today ... it's good to be reminded - Hilary


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