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THE LONG WINTER by Laura Ingalls Wilder 
THE LONG WINTER is my favorite of Laura's books with THE FARMER BOY (because it has food, lots of food in it) being second and LITTLE TOWN ON THE PRAIRIE as third in line (they sew up a storm).
If you’ve read my blog at all, you know that I’m a huge fan of Laura Ingalls Wilder, but not just Laura, I enjoy her daughter Rose’s writing, as well. I go to the Laura Ingalls Wilder festival every year and visit both houses, in Mansfield, Missouri. For years, there’s been scuttlebutt (gossip) about Rose being the writer of Laura’s books. I say to that, hogwash (gibberish) and poppycock (nonsense, absurd)!  
First Line:The mowing machine's whirring sounded cheerfully from the buffalo wallow south of the claim shanty, where bluestem grass stood thick and tall and Pa was cutting it for hay.
End Line: The sun was shining warm, the winds were soft, and the green grass growing.
Here is a silly thing. When I am sad, my go to book (after my Bible) is THE LONG WINTER. It makes sense to head for a depressing book, when you're depressed. Right? Like using fire to hold back a forest fire. Makes sense to me.
The other night, I get a phone call, late-ish, during the hours when I don’t normally get phone calls. 

"Hello?" I say, wondering if it's my daughter or her potential kidnapper, on the line.
“Guess what?” Dr. Lovely Daughter says.
“They are finally building the Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum!” 
We had recently discussed the alleged claim to build a museum. I think DLD said something like, would it be in her lifetime. Here’s the link to the news feature about the museum's groundbreaking, if you're interested.
I'm expecting there to be a plaque on the museum's wall, maybe as you enter the front door. The plaque will read: This spot on the wall is dedicated to Teresa Coltrin for the 5-10 dollars she stuffed in the collection pot, over the years, for the Laura Ingalls' Wilder Museum.

My speech is forming in my head, as I write this. 


  1. I too read depressing books when I am down. And it makes sense to me. It puts my worries into perspective - and acts as a fire-break.

  2. I love that whole series, and I kept thinking of The Long Winter all this year as we were dumped on with storm after storm. Of course we didn't run out of fuel and have to twist up sticks of hay so we had that going for us. I read 'Ghost in the Little House' and it does seem as though Rose gave her mother A LOT of help with the writing.

  3. That's cool there will be a museum. Get your speech ready.

  4. haha bet you'd give one heck of a speech. Just get Millie to bite them and they'll let you. Right?

  5. That is lovely that there will be a museum. I go for books that make me laugh when I am down. In fact, I stay away from depressing books altogether!

  6. Hi Teresa .. I know Laura's name and of Rose too - but how amazing that the museum is going to be built ... I don't go down the depressive read .. if I'm down ... sorry can't drag myself further down that hill ..

    And yes - your speech will be the best .. cheers Hilary

  7. I like "Long Winter," too. :) But it's been a million years since I've read it...I might have been 9? I need to read it again. I think, at the time I read it, I thought of it as a cozy read...I guess because I was warm and well-fed while I was reading it!

  8. I loved her books! I even dressed up as her one Halloween :)

  9. It must be on the mental calendar to get the speech ready! People write to me about their projects from time to time. I've supported the sci fi community by covering unfolding events, one even included Washington DC Museum of Science fiction. Good luck with the project.

  10. I think my life would love this book. She's a big fan too.

  11. Let us know when it's completed, and I'll plan my trip!

  12. I guess when you're down, you want to be with characters that have been in a bleak situation and lifted themselves up. I can see it!


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