Eating Crow. Literally.

Look at those big black birds on         ’s car. 

You mean the crows?

Is that what they are? 

In the olden days people ate crows, if they were hungry enough.

Is that true?

It was in a Laura Ingalls Wilder book. Must be true. It tastes like chicken.


I think the book said that. For the next potluck, I think I'm bringing crow. Enough for everyone. And everyone will love it, and say, ‘Teresa, I want that recipe.’ I will say, ‘Okay, but you just ate crow’.


I guess I won't bring crow for potluck. It's illegal to shoot them. Plus PBS says they are quite intelligent.

Really? You can't shoot crows? 

Yes and they're intelligent.

Conversations out of left field. 


  1. Hi Teresa - I can imagine the kids getting totally involved with this - let alone adults thinking back over time .. I'm sure crows were on the diet sheet somewhere along the line - if they had blackbirds in a pie .. then crows would provide more meat! What a great giggle .. and fun time round the table and in the kitchen .. cheers Hilary

  2. I'd probably get around it by eating a raven instead ;)

  3. Conversations out of left field are always a treat. And the corvid family ARE intelligent. Very. They not only recognise people who have done them harm, they teach their offspring to recognise them too.

  4. Wow, I think I need to rethink my dinner conversation with my daughter, ha! Not nearly this interesting.

    Crows have always been sort of alarming to me, although I'm a birder and have lots of feeders. I'd forgotten they were smart. They're just so loud and awkward. Can't imagine they'd taste good, either!

  5. lol they are pretty smart and I'm sure they've been eaten many a time throughout the ages

  6. That was really random.
    They also have great memories.

  7. I'll add crow to my list of things to go after during a time of famine, along with squirrels and the ducks in the lake. And pigeons. I'm pretty sure pigeons are tasty too.

  8. I'll add crow to my list of things to go after during a time of famine, along with squirrels and the ducks in the lake. And pigeons. I'm pretty sure pigeons are tasty too.

  9. You can kind of tell that they are intelligent just by the way they look at you. Creepy! Now I'm thinking about the movie "The Birds." lol

  10. Definitely out of left field. Probably the field where there is no scarecrow.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

  11. Great idea though.

    Have you watched the new series Zoo?

  12. Well, if everyone was going hungry I bet they'd eat crows and sea gulls. Loved your post, by the way!

  13. Ew! I think the rule for what I am willing to eat excludes them... I eat stuff that eats plants (and bugs and maybe fish), but not stuff that eats animals. Though I do eat shrimp and they eat poo, but whatever... Crows eat dead stuff which just makes it seem wrong to me. Though in an apocalypse I would probably reassess.

  14. I have lots of crows in my garden - not sure I would want to eat them though!

  15. We need to shoot quite a few of those buggars. They're killing all the little birds and now all we have are squawking crow sounds. You bring crow. I'll bring crow. And we'll have us a party.

  16. Crows and Ravens are very intelligent. And loud and territorial. I see them chasing off hawks and falcons behind our house at least once a week.

  17. Is this what being back at work is doing to you? What a funny bit of conversation. Is it really illegal to shoot crows? They're everywhere. And quite entertaining.


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