A Few Random Thoughts: Snow, Millie and Snow, Meals, Happy Thanksgiving

Random #1

Soon very soon, it will be Christmas. If you’re into the gift-giving season, well... you better get your hurry on in the purchasing and/or making of those Christmas gifts. I know that was mean, but I needed the reminder and I dragged you into it. Sorry about that.

Random #2

We had our first snow on Saturday, a heavy dusting, enough to make you say brrr, but that could have been the 29 degree morning temp outside and wind gusts. And perhaps that is why Millie Dog Coltrin (who liked snow last year) reacted to the newest weather condition as if she had just been born yesterday. 

This was my FB post/status thingy:

Millie had forgotten about snowflakes, how they drift from the sky, swirl in your face and hit you in the eyes. Surrounded by its chaotic dance, Millie tried dodging the invasion of both large and small flakes by running sideways, spinning in circles and blinking fast, but finally gave up the fight to do her business.
Back inside the house, she inspected her fur coat and even between her toes to find any leftover invaders, but Millie found none. Those scalawags had disappeared.
Her anxious eyes say that round two should begin soon, as she forgot to do one of her businesses. Oh, Millie.

Random #3

I spent a day and a half last week phoning potential families to see if they wanted to receive a Thanksgiving meal basket put together by our HS student council. I’m always nervous when I contact parents to see if I can help them and in this case hook them up with a Thanksgiving meal. Sometimes they want me to butt out of their business, but offering a Thanksgiving meal always brings cheers, many thanks and sometimes tears.

Final Random

Millie wants you to know how much we love our blogging friends. She also said to tell you Happy Thanksgiving and that she will be tied up this week with toys and entertaining me.


Hi Teresa - yes we too had a flurry of snow .. no settling and it's cold - frost this morning. Have a good week and the thought of those Thanksgiving dinners going to deserving families in the locality is a wonderful thing to do .. Happy Thanksgiving to you, Millie and the family - Hilary
Snow! This time of year that must seem very neat. We frequently only get a dusting. :( It's predicted to be a chilly, damp winter here, so maybe we'll get more. Poor Millie...using the bathroom in the snow wouldn't be fun! Happy Thanksgiving to both of you!

And...that would be so stressful, calling families.The phone, for me, is stressful enough even for normal, everyday stuff...that would be very, very stressful because you don't know the reaction. But what a wonderful thing to do!
Pat Hatt said…
lol too funny as she wanted to avoid the snow. Gifts? What are those again? haha
You need to record Millie's antics in the snow.
Sad people get ugly when you are only trying to help. Like you know their exact financial situation anyway.
Have a great Thanksgiving!
JoJo said…
Happy Thanksgiving to you, your family and of course Miss Millie!!!!! As for Christmas shopping....I have no one to buy for. Kids get money, husband doesn't want anything...so that makes it easy.
Arlee Bird said…
I think a sense of pride and the embarrassment of being in need makes some people uncomfortable in accepting what they might deem as charity. Nothing wrong with accepting help when you really need it.

Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!

Arlee Bird
Tossing It Out
Happy Thanksgiving.
I am so glad to hear that you are reaching out.
Thank you.
Christmas? Wash your mouth out. I am sooooo not ready.
Gail said…
It was blue cold one night but no snow.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Millie! And tell T. it's your vacation too.
Betty Manousos said…
happy thanksgiving!!
hope your thanksgiving is filled with blessings, joy, and of course, great food. xoxo
Stephen Tremp said…
Been warm and toasty here. Only now is it cooling down. Last night I had to wear a sweater.

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