2016 ...

We’re in it, and if the world lasts long enough, one day 2016 will be as far behind people as 1916. Deep huh? It's crazy how short life is. One day, one week, a month and that year has collapsed behind us. We must not waste life. 

Today I’m back at work (job). I felt better about my internal complaining when I read on FB that my colleagues had the dreads, too. We like our jobs, but I guess we like being wives to our houses—better.

In other news…

I lost my main set of keys three times in two weeks. Is that a record?

The first time, I hadn’t driven in five days (since Christmas Eve) and needed to run errands. As I searched, I hoped beyond hope that I hadn’t given them away in a gift bag as I did one Christmas with my cell phone (to my DIL’s brother). I found my keys four hours after I got back home (I used my spare keys). They were in the jacket that I wore Christmas Eve, but had changed several times and couldn't remember what I wore.

Then I was picking up my daughter for either a trip to Hobby Lobby or meeting the rest of the family for a Star Wars’ movie. Either way I couldn’t find them, then found them—in  my car ignition. In the big city. Doors unlocked. 

The last time I lost them, I didn't know I had lost them, but with coffee in hand, one morning, saw them dangling in the lock, outside the glass door.

Ugh. That's all I have to say about that. 

Loved the Star Wars movie, by the way.

I did one other dumb thing over break. I don’t know if you know this but MO had severe rainfall and flooding. Horrible stuff. After one such storm, I restarted my modem by unplugging everything, counting to ten (like a good ex-techie) then plugged it all back in. Apparently, according to my daughter and sister, my phone rang and rang with no answering machine option.

APPARENTLY, I plugged the phone line into the Ethernet port. The Internet did work. The phone did not work.

Simple mistake. And yes, it was a "glasses" issue. I wasn't wearing them.

Millie liked Christmas, and it exhausted her. She loved her presents and the kiddos. What she didn’t like was the Christmas collar I sewed her and she had to wear.

 My goals for 2016:
  • Continue to write. (Like I could stop.)
  • Get my finished shorts off to a copy editor.  
  • Enter contests for short stories.
  • Get my exercising groove on again; otherwise, I’ll have no stamina for the monster yard, I own. (Yoga and my rowing machine.)
  • Sew again. (My daughter gave me a serger for Christmas.) I’m so excited.
  • Play my guitar again (that means toughen my fingertips)
  • Work on a secret project (sorry it’s a secret).
  • Continue with home improvements.
Millie's Goals for 2016:
  • Stop shredding tissue,
  • Be pickier about what I eat off the ground,
  • Be braver on rainy, windy days,
  • Stop pulling out every toy I own for the human to trip over,
  • Stop sniffing the whole backyard before doing my business,
  • Give other dogs a chance for friendship sake,
  • Do none of the above.

That's it for me. How were your holidays? Any goals you wish to confess?


  1. Losing your keys that many times suggests you were running on empty.
    I hope you have some more energy back as you head to work again.
    Love Millie's goals. And suspect the last will be her favourite.

  2. You've got good goals, I haven't thought too much about mine.

    My holidays were great despite being sick a good bit of the time. Our return trip was through St. Louis and all across Missouri on December 31st when all the news was focused on bad flooding conditions in the state. I could see the discernible fear on my wife's face as we drove through Illinois listening to that news. She desperately wanted me to take another route, but I assured her that our nation has a great highway system and we'd have little problem. Getting through St. Louis at about noon was a breeze. We took a detour on I-70 rather than going our planned I-44 and that only added an hour to our destination of Branson where I'd reserved a special New Year's Eve package at the Radisson. We had our steak dinner that was included in the deal and were in bed by about 9 PM. New Year's Eve is just another night to us when we're traveling and getting home was high on our minds.

    Have a great 2016!

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  3. I stopped setting new years goals. Why set myself up for failure? boy you were lucky your car didn't get stolen!!!

  4. Great goals! And good that Millie has goals, too!

    I've done that with the answering machine before. There are too many ports on that thing! And I haven't lost my keys...well, ever, really...because I always put them in exactly the same place because of my horrid memory. But I did lose a set of 12 everyday place mats. How does a person do that? I've no idea where I put them...I cleaned them and poof! Maybe I threw them away? Maybe they've been hanging out with your keys.

  5. Hi Teresa - oh gosh I'd hate that to become more of a habit - and perhaps that's one thing you can break in 2016 ... losing your keys! Thank goodness all is well ... have a happy and successful 2016 - good luck to Millie for her goals!! HPN and Cheers to you both ... Hilary

  6. lol Millie may go with the last one. Wow, your keys just didn't want to stay with you haha

  7. Do none of the above - I like that!
    You need to tie your keys to your body.

  8. So much fun to read. I understand the losing the keys thing. It's so strange how things end up places you don't intend even when you're careful. Another part of aging no one told us about. :-)

    I want to write more and travel more this year. I love that I now have the time and energy to do both.

    Wishing you a wonderful 2016.

  9. Bet Millie rocks that last one! :)
    Good luck with your goals - they're good ones! Happy 2016


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