I am participating in the Blogging from A-Z Challenge again this year. What is this mysterious blogging challenge you ask? Arlee Bird from Tossing it Out came up with this fantastic idea where bloggers post using consecutive letters of the alphabet for 26 days in April. It grew in numbers, and Arlee now has many helpers. To view other participates of the A-Z event click here.

Odd deaths happen, right? It’s sort of like being at the right place at the right wrong time. My A-Z 2016 blogging journey takes us down the road of Death by Oddity. Come join me.

M= Death by Molasses.

This is a sticky situation, if I’ve ever read one. In Boston, on January 15, 1919, over two million gallons of molasses in a defective tank blew its rivets and exploded. Buildings collapsed. Girders were cut. It was reported that a 30 foot wall of molasses at a speed of 35 mph flowed down the street. And yes, there were deaths: 21 people died and 150 people were injured. More about it here

A yummy way to die? 

I think not. A smothering horrible way to die, I imagine. 

Do you like molasses? How do you feel about it now? 


Definitely nasty. Truly nasty. I hope the deaths were quick, but fear they were not.
Hi Theresa - glad you included this one ... it was an horrendously unfortunately death to have .. very gooey ... cheers Hilary
Random Musings said…
This sounds like an awful way to die. Either by drowning in something extremely thick or being stung to death by the wasps it would attract!
Sounds terrible...but damn I gotta admit, I love molasses
Awful! And think of the lawsuits if that had happened in 2016!
Mary Aalgaard said…
Horrible. Suffocating. I'm trying not to think about it.
Pat Hatt said…
Never liked the stuff, a nasty way to go though.
Arlee Bird said…
This could have been a very slow post, but as you have been doing in April you kept it short and sweet.

I do like molasses. Once years ago I got on an iron kick and started using molasses on just about everything. The diet didn't stick though and it was a passing fad for me.

They should make a movie about this disaster. It would be a disaster film unlike any other. At the theater they could serve pancakes instead of popcorn.

Arlee Bird
A to Z Challenge Co-host
Tossing It Out
Smothering is never quick. Sad the infinite ways that exist for ending our fragile grasp on life. :-(
cleemckenzie said…
You may have changed my opinion about molasses forever. Bad way to go, indeed.
JoJo said…
I knew you were doing the Boston tragedy when I saw your blog post title. It was horrible. Of course a big part of our local history in this part of Massachusetts. I'm not a fan of molasses except in my gingerbread cookies recipe.

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