Death by an XBOX

I am participating in the Blogging from A-Z Challenge again this year. What is this mysterious blogging challenge you ask? Arlee Bird from Tossing it Out came up with this fantastic idea where bloggers post using consecutive letters of the alphabet for 26 days in April. It grew in numbers, and Arlee now has many helpers. To view other participates of the A-Z event click here.

Odd deaths happen, right? It’s sort of like being at the right place at the right wrong time. My A-Z 2016 blogging journey takes us down the road of Death by Oddity. Come join me. 

X= Death by an XBOX

We all knew this was coming, right? Talk about not "playing" fair. Darrius Johnson murdered his twenty-year-old girlfriend, first by stabbing, then by beating her with their Xbox 360 game console. The reason? He said it was because he had to sacrifice someone under the sign of Taurus, to remove a curse. Read the short paragraph here.

I'm glad I'm a Pisces. 


Keith Channing said…
I wondered where you would go with X. I was wondering about death by xylophone (Xbox is not something that comes to mind first for people of my generation). Now I'm wondering about Y and Z.

Keith Channing A-Zing from
Hi Teresa - that's a bit much ... how ghastly. Well done for the X death though .. cheers Hilary
Mason Canyon said…
And here I was thinking it was going to be a death because somebody wanted someone else's Xbox.
I thought it would be death because someone sat and played their X-Box for hours on end...
Pat Hatt said…
Wow, he was sure a nut job
lyndagrace said…
One of the articles in the link you provided talked about someone having a heart attack while playing on his Xbox. Of course, the one you chose is much crazier. Being a recovering Candy Crusher, I understand the obsession.
JoJo said…
Wow. 'The truth is stranger than fiction'....
Arlee Bird said…
I've heard that video games lead people to think violent thoughts and even commit violence, but this is ridiculous.

Arlee Bird
A to Z Challenge Co-host
Tossing It Out
Anonymous said…
That's a new twist on the idea of video game violence!

~Ninja Minion Patricia Lynne aka Patricia Josephine~
Story Dam
Patricia Lynne, Indie Author
I shake my head at how little worth many place on human life. Sad wast. :-(
cleemckenzie said…
Warped! Probably too much time spent on the Xbox. Dangerous device in my ways.
Random Musings said…
That guy needs serious help!

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