Death from an UPWARDS killer

I am participating in the Blogging from A-Z Challenge again this year. What is this mysterious blogging challenge you ask? Arlee Bird from Tossing it Out came up with this fantastic idea where bloggers post using consecutive letters of the alphabet for 26 days in April. It grew in numbers, and Arlee now has many helpers. To view other participates of the A-Z event click here.

Odd deaths happen, right? It’s sort of like being at the right place at the right wrong time. My A-Z 2016 blogging journey takes us down the road of Death by Oddity. Come join me.

U= Death from an UPWARDS killer

As in look upwards, my friends. In the winter of 1994, Donald Booth strolled along a Chicago street while waiting for his daughter to complete her college aptitude tests. A large chunk of ice fell from the Neiman Marcus building and hit him in the head. Mr. Booth died immediately. Read more here.

One time, I had an icicle fall from the edge of my house and hit the top of my head. Yeah, that could have ended badly, if the icicle had been bigger and sharper, upwards of about 3-20 stories and I didn't have the hard head of my ancestors.  


We must always mind our surroundings or they will mind us! Sad to die like that. :-(
Hi Teresa - that I can believe - poor chap and more importantly poor daughter ... such an unfortunate accident - well I'm glad you're still here to write about it! Cheers Hilary
Keith Channing said…
Such an unfortunate and random accident. Makes one wonder whether it is best to be alert from dangers from above, rather than looking down to avoid the risk of stepping in something unfortunate.

Keith Channing A-Zing from
Mason Canyon said…
I couldn't help but think of Chicken Little when I read your post. :-) So story for the gentleman though.
Mason Canyon said…
Well, I can tell it's too early in the morning for me. It should have read....sad story for the gentleman though. Gotta go get more coffee.
JoJo said…
That's sooooo dangerous, falling ice.
Who would ever see that coming?
Mary Aalgaard said…
Some of those icicles look like large swords. I often thought it would make a good weapon in a murder mystery. Given some time and warmth, they'd never find the murder weapon.
Pat Hatt said…
That would be hard to see coming indeed
Oh my gosh, that would be awful! I'm glad I don't live in a place where it's (usually) that cold!
Arlee Bird said…
The odds are so extreme that not many of us have to worry about such things, but I've heard of it happening more than once. Reminds me of the cartoons where something like a piano falls on a passerby.

Arlee Bird
A to Z Challenge Co-host
Tossing It Out
cleemckenzie said…
Apples hurt like hell when they fall on your head. I can only imagine what a chunk of ice can do. Shuddering out here.
Random Musings said…
Ouch! Talk about wrong place, wrong time!
Anonymous said…
I live in Michigan and we always joke about getting hit in the head by an icicle. Not so funny now.

~Ninja Minion Patricia Lynne aka Patricia Josephine~
Story Dam
Patricia Lynne, Indie Author
Cynthia said…
How terrible it must've been for the daughter to get this bad news (after?) taking her tests.

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