When Emojis run amuck.

What if, just what if, you clicked on the wrong emoji on FB and used it to comment? May I share with you a couple of awkward moments in the FB world? 

I’m positive I use emojis (and emoticons) way too much, so I may have gasped the other day when a FB friend posted a sad life situation and one of HER FB friends chose a laughing face emoticon/emoji along with words that seemed inappropriate.

The FB commenter said pretty quickly that the emoji and words belonged elsewhere, but didn’t remove it. I assumed this person didn’t know how-to remove it. Then the FB commenter posted a more fitting comment. 

I shook my head knowing this must have felt a bit awkward. 😧 I secretly, behind my computer screen, wondered how anyone could do that. 

You just never know. Right? 😃

Fast forward a week, please. I read a status from a colleague asking for prayers. She didn’t say why, just that she really needed prayers. There was also a post about one of our principals moving into her new position as an assistant superintendent. Because I had already face to face congratulated her, I used a happy happy face 😀 (only), in the comment section. 

I left FB and bake a birthday cake.  🎂

Hours later, I revisited FB and my colleague’s post pops up, where many people had agreed to pray. I’m a prayer warrior, ask me to pray, and I'll pray for you. It occurred to me that I had not joined the group in commenting that I would pray. 🙏

Then. I. saw. it. 

Sitting alone amongst the serious comments, "hope you're okay", "will pray" was my happy happy face that I thought I'd used on the other post. I still don’t know how that happened, but it did. Immediately, I removed the in your face happy and replaced it with praying or prayed.  No other explanation. 

Wow.   😁 😳 

And Happy Monday to you!!!

(See this article discussing the difference between emoticons and emojis here.


  1. I don't play FB, emoticons or emojis. And am grateful. I embarrass myself quite often enough without them.
    I am glad that you are technically more adept than I am and could replace your happy face with prayers.

  2. Oh, gosh, I'm with you. My kids complain about my emojis all the time (and they laughed and laughed when I'd originally called them emoticons!) Hope your FB friend is better soon.

  3. Glad I don't have an occasion to use them or I'd mess up as well!

  4. I am a computer dinosaur so I have one question...what is emoticons? Teasing but I do not use them.

  5. Yikes! So easy to do.
    I have the hardest time telling the emoticons apart (crummy eyesight) so I rarely use them! :)

  6. Yep, glad I avoid using them at my sea, the cat wouldn't want to mess them up

  7. Oops! I haven't done that with emojis, but I did accidentally call my sister when I meant to call my boss and gave her an update on the power being out at work. LOL

  8. I love emojis. I've never had the problem of posting the wrong emoji or comment on a post, but now that I said that I probably will.

  9. I seldom use the emojis. I can embarrass myself with my prose without their help.

  10. I use the emojis. But mostly you can get into trouble wit what you say.

  11. Yes, the wrong emojis can be awkward! I try to limit my FB since I have enough bad habits as it is!! :-)

  12. I can only use the emojis that FB gives you now in addition to 'like'. I only use a laptop so I don't have the emoji selection that everyone else has on their smart phones. I have cut back on commenting b/c I am sick and tired of getting notifications for hours. Even when I 'turn off notifications for this post' it doesn't always take right away. I have to go to the post, turn on the notifications and then turn them off again. It's a pain.

  13. I seldom use any type emojis or emoticons. I can't tell how it really looks until it posts and then I'm not sure I could unpost it.

  14. So easy to do when we are speeding through. It is particularly risky on a photo--someone will post a wonderful picture of them and their pet... you like it and say "so cute" and read later the pet is dying or something... I think the lesson is to slow down.

  15. You know a lot more about this than I do. I often don't know what to say let alone using those little thingies on FB.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  16. My problem today was receiving a facebook message from someone offering to review books. I jumped at the opportunity only to realize later that the request came from a specific fb book group . . . with requirements (that, of course, I hadn't yet met.) I apologized, removed my request, and moved toward meeting the requirements! Social media still baffles me.


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