When you are not who you think you are!

Yes, I own this book!
I like a good fairytale. So when a quiz, on the internet, lured me in, a quiz that could determine which Disney character  I am most like, I had to take it. I admit that I was certain the quiz would label me a Cinderella since I know her story better than anyone, in fairytale land. I mean, I pretended to be her every chance I got, in my childhood, not to mention that I find my life in ashes more times than I care to count. 

Let's start with 10 ways my life does not parallel Cinderella’s life:

1. My mother did not die when I was a youth. Therefore...

2. My father did not remarry or give me a wicked stepmother and two equally wicked stepsisters.

3. I did not have blond hair as a child/a teen/young adult (Disney version of hair).

4. My childhood home did not have a fireplace with ashes. 

5. I’ve yet to meet my fairy godmother, although I’m fair-ly certain she is out there somewhere. It’s just something a girl knows.

6. I’ve never successfully grown pumpkins so there would be none to turn into a carriage. 

7. I’ve never owned or tried on a glass slipper, let alone worn two.

8. Not once has any rat, mouse or bird ever spoken to me in my native language or helped me in any way attend a ball. Maybe because…

9. I’ve never attended a ball, in a castle, or danced with a prince--ever in my life.

10. I’ve never had a prince pursue me. However, I did marry a King, once-upon-a-time. We did not live happily ever after. True story.

Here are the similarities between Cinderella and me:

1. We're both females.

The Disney quiz revealed that I am not a Cinderella, but an Anna! “Who the heck is Anna?” I said out loud at the time. So I looked her up, and she’s a not so shabby character in the movie Frozen. And yes, I have watched Frozen, but I guess Anna didn’t stick in my brain as Cinderella did. 

The quiz results on being an Anna:  

“You’re fun, friendly, and slightly klutzy. You’re always up for an adventure and family comes first for you.”

Well they got the klutzy part correct. 


Note 1: I've added a Millie tab. Note 2: Keep an eye out for a Ruralhood post on Saturday. 


  1. I adore fairytales and indeed have just spent a rainy day reading Neil Gaiman's Stardust.
    Sadly I am Maleficent! Oh dear. Better than Cruella. Perhaps.

  2. Hi Teresa - I'd definitely not exclude the 'fun, friendly descriptive part' nor the family comes first ... and adventure - you've got Millie ... good to see you again ... have a good week and yes I'll be there for Saturday's Ruralhood ... cheers Hilary

  3. You've never had the rats help you cook like in Ratatouille?
    Anna is the brave and friendly one. Better than icy Elsa.
    Good to hear from you, Teresa!

  4. haha well at least you got the female part in common. Maybe you aren't talking to the right rats?

  5. Oh my goodness, I have that EXACT edition of Cinderella. Well, it resides at my parents' house, but it's still mine! That just brought back so many good memories.

    Sometimes Kings aren't all that they're cracked up to be. :)

    Maybe I'm Anna, too.

  6. LOL - I would get the klutzy part too!
    I think I had the exact same copy of that book as a kid :)
    Haven't seen Frozen yet - have to get on that at some point!

  7. All you have to do to be more Cinderella-ish is add a fireplace with ashes and buy a big pumpkin in October. However, being like Anna is not bad in the least. Besides, those glass slippers have to hurt like the devil. I'd say you've come out on top in that quiz.

  8. I think I am Baloo the bear from THE JUNGLE BOOK! Thanks for visiting my cyber-home. :-)

  9. There are many versions of "Cinderella" around the world. I had to stop and take the Disney Quiz following your link. I was surprised to turn out as Belle ~ but pleased too, because she has spunk!

  10. There are many ways in which we are all unlike most Disney characters. I'm Aladdin, though, which is cool. I always liked him!

  11. When I was touring with the stage production for the decade of the eighties, one of the shows in our repertoire was Cinderella--probably my least favorite story that we did, but it was a good production that I enjoyed each year that we took it on the road. Probably the heaviest in regard to props and set pieces as well.

    I can't think of any Disney fairy tales that I would relate to, though if it were just a matter of Disney characters then I'll go with Mickey Mouse. Actually I do bear a resemblance to Mickey.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  12. Oh, and I couldn't resist--I took the quiz. I'm Belle.

    How dumb. Guess that displays my feminine side.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  13. I did the quiz and got Mulan. It said: "You have all the strength of a raging fire, and all the kindness of a great typhoon." I think that sounds pretty accurate, and I love Mulan! :D


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