Do creative minds (really) want to know?

There is more to authorship than writing if you want to be successful and read by others. There is a business component

I was helping my daughter brainstorm the other day on how to increase buyers for her business. She and my son are more business minded (like their father). I am not business minded. Nope. Imagine my surprise when she told me that my rants suggestions were helpful and that I do have a business mind. Her statement conflicted with my self talk that I am NOT business minded.

I kept denying it.

She kept insisting and added something about marketing.

I finished my argument with a sort of surrender when I said, “You know, I took a BuzzFeed quiz once and the results stated that I am 50% right brain and 50% left brain. I took it twice since I thought there was a mistake, but the second try confirmed that I am 50/50.”

I mean the results were on the internet after all and possibly peer beer reviewed.

Business intimidates me and feels a little constricting. But isn't a business plan about setting goals, making to-do lists, doing the work, reevaluating strategies and moving forward? Throw in some dollar signs with numbers and bam!!! You might have a business plan.

Orna Ross talks about wearing three hats as a writer (Crafter, Director and Entrepreneur) and how success comes to the author when time is duly spent on each of the hats in Business Models for Indie Authors: Which One Is Right For You? 

I do love hats!

Writer Elizabeth Spann Craig has tons of reference articles on the business side of writing here. She shares her experiences on everything from researching small presses to epublishing and also writes about the writing process. She’s smart. She’s helpful. Check her out. (I wonder if she's ever considered herself a 50/50 girl.)

Do you as a writer (and this could absolutely relate to any craft business) have a business plan? If so, do you feel that a business plan gets in your creative way? 


If you’re interested there’s a story at The Ruralhood: Bubblegum, a Store and Tar


  1. As a reader I am very, very grateful for the multiple hats that writers rock. Even those who feel they have a terminal case of hat-hair.

  2. I don't feel I'm very business-minded either.

  3. Hi Teresa ... I'm sure you're organised, you've been a mother and worked at schools etc, and that's business minded - depends what we need in life I guess ... but wonderful you helped your daughter ... both sides of your brain work together!! Cheers Hilary

  4. I have business plans for my author career in a sense...I think of them as goals. They don’t get in my creative way but push me to get there, instead. Although, all of my responsibilities get in my creative way. HAHA

  5. I can flip and flop. Have accounting brain, did that for 8 years or so, so can get the business stuff. Would rather not though.

  6. I'm pretty right-brained, although I've spent a lot of my time trying to be left-brained. Right now I'm deep in the creative phase. But having helped my sister with her published books, I do have an awareness of what awaits me. A business plan is definitely in my future. Thanks for the link!


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