It is Mother's Day!

Mom and Me
It’s Mother’s Day and I still have my mom to enjoy here on Earth. I have a good mom who is full of love and affirmation. Not everyone gets this gift in life. She loves unconditionally. She probably does love her cats more than her children, but hey she has lots of love to go around.  :) If Mom ever complains about me, it’s never been TO me. I've never felt criticized by her. As I write this, my plan is to sit next to my mom in church on Mother’s Day. I know this will please her.

Even though I no longer attend the little country church of my youth, it holds a high place in my heart. My mom took us to church there every Sunday. We sat next to or near her mother and other family members. In turn, I raised my children in the same church.
Grandma Sadie and me
It's a special place, not filled with perfect people, but people who perfectly filled me with love.
Even in the 70's, when I wore my mini-skirts and lots of makeup, I never heard a critical word from anyone.  I never felt judged.
Church does not mean the same thing as religion to me.
Religion can be when people make their own rules and call them God’s even when they are not. Religion condemns and say it’s for God’s good. Religion like this alienates people from God and stirs hate. Religion uses God’s word to punch people in the gut and tends to forget that we are all sinners.
Church should be a home where you can leave but return at anytime, If they do it right, church is filled with people who love you, who have seen you at your worst while celebrating you at your best. Church is the people who love God and accept Jesus as his son. A good church oozes love.
I felt loved in my first church. My mom and grandmother dwelled there. Most of the years, I knew God was in that place. When I think of my mom, my grandmother and my little church family in the country, I am filled with love and memories.  
Happy Mother’s Day!



  1. Hi Teresa - what a delightful and so true post about mothers, Mother's Day and religion ... loved reading it - your love shines through. Have a lovely time ... and a peaceful year ahead - Hilary

  2. That's great you will join your mother at her church - it does sound like a place of love.
    Religion is from man, love is from God.

  3. Wonderful post, Teresa. Wishing you (and your Mom) a Happy and joyous Mother's Day!!

  4. A very Happy Mother's Day to you. I hope the day is all that you (and your mother) could hope for.

  5. Sorry for being late: A wonderful post and a joy to read.



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