When human behavior makes you say "huh?"

Some people freely speak their minds, while others struggle to communicate their thoughts and feelings. Now let’s talk about social media.

As a writer, what better way is there to get your name out there and to advertise your writing other than using social media sites? Okay, perhaps telepathy would be better.

Have you noticed that sometimes the most critical comments shine on social media platforms? It brings out the radical who need a platform, the shy who might wish to be radical and those who try to speak with helpful kindness through wisdom (hopefully).  

Social media is a legit tool, but can also be a source of stress and anxiety. We might see:

  • The critical people who are direct and will not dance around how they feel to save your feelings. You’re doing life wrong and they will set you straight if you’ll listen. After all, it’s for your own good.
  • The timid people who might not have a bold bone in their boy, who latch onto social media so they can speak things they’d never say face to face. It’s a dream, but they wish to do it under the cloak of anonymity. These people can be a loose cannon. 
  • The internet trolls who visit platforms to throw out insults and lies to provoke the creator (writer, content creator, blogger etc.). They enjoy the argument if only to stir the pot, turn up the heat and watch other commenters boil over. The internet troll enjoys provoking
  • The sincere individuals who wish to leave constructive comments, to support your product and perhaps help you make it better.
A few years ago, I searched for a book on Amazon, Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. I’ve never read it and can’t remember why I searched for it. There was this one-star review that stood out to me, an 1800 word critique of the book. The reviewer received many likes for his or her opinion. To me, it was more of a bashing than a critique. It’s what was said at the end that floored me. The reviewer said, “overall it was a solid book”. 😳

Constructive reviews help the writer write better. They also build the writer’s fanbase and help the potential reader decide on reading a book.

 As a writer, have you ever dealt with a troll? Have you ever taken the advice of a reviewer? As a reader, do reviews guide you to read or not read a book?



Blogging is the extent of my forays into social media.
As a reader I am rarely influenced by reviews.
And so much of human behaviour makes me go huh. I am often ashamed of our species.
That one's a head scratcher!
Most of the one star reviews on my books just make me chuckle because they are so bad.
Hi Teresa - people so often don't think ... they just 'spout' ... I'm afraid I don't look at reviews ... a book's been recommended and that's the way I go. Sue and Alex's comments ring true ... cheers Hilary

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