IWSG, July 1, 2020: Will there be industry change?

Is there change coming in the future for the writing industry?

This post was written for the Insecure Writer's Support Group monthly blogging event created and brought to you by writer Alex J Cavanaugh. The awesome co-hosts for the July 1 posting of the IWSG are Jenni Enzor,Beth Camp,Liesbet, Tyrean Martinson,and Sandra Cox!

Optional question of the month: There have been many industry changes in the last decade, so what are some changes you would like to see happen in the next decade?

I'm not a recently published writer, but the old days of a traditional publisher being responsible for marketing sounds...good to me. Being my own agent does not sound appealing since writing is where I wish to spend my time.

My thoughts on writing and the future:

  • The writer career has mostly been a “work at home” job. This will stay the same. Most jobs will be at home in the future. 
  • Instead of in-person meet and greets in libraries and bookstores, there will mostly be Zoom type meet and greets. Less germs, right?
  • There will be better writer programs to sift through.
  • Amazon will lose its footing in the digital publishing world. Who am I kidding? They're not going anywhere.
  • The future will give us more writers competing for the reader dollar. Schools are teaching good writing skills. People are using those skills to write fiction (and other things).
  • Things that go around will come around. Bookstores will be glamorous again.

What do you think the future holds for the writer?


  1. Hi Teresa ... it's a world of uncertainty ... however we need to learn all the time and understand this world of ours ... however writers will always write ... and will need to ... take care - Hilary

  2. A very good post Teresa, What the future holds is very uncertain, but after a spell of "Writers Block"
    I'm getting hopefully back on track.
    Keep safe and well.

  3. I hope bookstores do tetain their glamour. And libraries.
    I mourn for the writers who have to also be publicists and marketers. It really doesn't seem fair to me.

  4. I agree that working from home will increasingly become the norm.

  5. There will definitely be more working at home and more Zoom meetings.

  6. Sure more home work and zoom meetings indeed as the germs keep on a coming. Bookstores coming back around would be a win too.

  7. I haven't done any Zooming yet - but I know that will have to change one day!
    There are definitely going to be more people working from home!

  8. I agree. We're writers. It's like asking a mum to learn how to be a soccer player so she can teach her kids. Okay, that's a bad analogy, but marketing feels very foreign. And I've been trying to master it for years.

  9. In one way, nothing will change. In another way, everything will change. Thinking about this industry becoming even more competitive and "going at it alone" makes me want to give up writing books!

  10. I definitely think there will be more virtual events, which is a good thing.

  11. I enjoyed reading your thoughts about the future of writing, Teresa. Everything is upside down now in so many areas of life. I gave up the idea of earning a living by writing a long time ago. So I'm just going to keep writing, doing what I have to do, and we'll see what happens. All the best to you!

  12. I would love for bookstores to be glamorous again and for schools to utilize writers in the classroom more, or as extras for the whole school district.
    Happy writing!

  13. I agree there will be working from home and more video-type meetings. I hope bookstores and libraries are around for a very, very long time.

  14. I certainly hope bookstores become cool again - especially the indie kind. It's one of the few places where I feel comfortable hanging out. I love meet and greets at libraries, so I hope they do not become Zoom events, which I abhor.

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  16. I hope we still have in-person events to support local bookshops even while virtual events are on the rise.


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