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Is it really December already? It’s that time again to gather together as writers and blog about our insecurities. This post was written for the Insecure Writer's Support Group monthly blogging event created by author Alex J Cavanaugh. Alex's awesome co-hosts this month are PJ Colando, Diane Burton, Louise – Fundy Blue, Natalie Aguirre, and Jacqui Murray! Be sure to visit each cohost and Alex. Visit the IWSG website for a list of other bloggers participating.

December 1 is always a special day for my family. Today, is my sister’s birthday. We're both 29, now. Yes, I'm a liar! It's only me that's 29. YES, I'm still lying.

November is over, and I should have finished writing 50,000 words for the NaNoWriMo. I did not reach my goal, but this is nothing new. Per usual, I will work on my newest bunch of words through December and put it away in January. I made it to 37,000 words.

I’ve written with the NaNo unofficially for few years. Writing with it is a great exercise, but November is never a month where I should try to write 1700 words per day. I always try. 

For a short story writer, writing 50,000 words in month would be a dream come true, but I’ve jumpstarted a few books and expanded on most of them. None are finished. I have written first drafts with these working titles: Butterflies (MG @ 23,000 words), The Bones (YA @ 54,000), Broken Killer (YA @ 60,000), Paper Nests (YA @ 50,000), and this year, The Crags (37,000). 

Now onto the questions of the month: In your writing, what stresses you the most about your writing? What delights you?

What stresses me most about my writing is that I don’t always finish my stories. This is a stumbling block for me, and I am not pleased. I write nearly every day for 2-4 hours. I don’t know why I don't finish them. I will go see a therapist soon about this matter and get back to you. 😎

What delights me the most about my writing?  This is huge for me. I am in awe that I can pull ideas from my imaginative, ADD brain and write stories. I’m amazed that anyone can do this, let alone…me. I love this about myself. 

Did you write with the NaNo? What have you been reading or writing on? 


  1. Hi Teresa - good to see you're still writing - that's the important thing. As you know I mostly blog (actually that should read only) ... but I do like being stimulated by bloggers and their take on their journeys. Happy Birthday to your sister ... and have a peaceful festive season - cheers Hilary

  2. 37K is amazing! Especially during such a busy month. Happy Birthday to your sister!

  3. That's still an impressive amount of words. I've only won NaNo once but even not winning gets a lot of words on the page.

  4. That's great that you wrote 37,000 words. I never have done NaNo because it doesn't work with my schedule. But I do write more in November. I made a lot of progress last month. Hope you finish your unfinished stories.

  5. What stresses me about my writing? Trying to get any writing done while trying to survive two hurricanes one after another, being homeless for 7 months, putting up with freezes, floods, and just recently a tornado that ripped apart my city. Whew! Someone in this city sure must have insulted Mother Nature! I am "math-challenged" when it comes to counting my years, too, Teresa! :-)

  6. 37K is good. You can finish the remaining 13K in the next few days.

  7. I LOVE that you find joy in your writing.
    A very happy birthday to your sister and a happy and productive festive season to you.

  8. Wow, you did amazing making it to 37,000 words this NaNo! I've never even tried participating and I'm not likely to. I'm a blogger, hardly a writer at all, in that all creative pieces I've written in the past couple of years are under 1000 words long. I am also amazed at your ability to pull ideas out of your imagination. I can, sometimes, but not always at all.

  9. Hi, Teresa! If the therapist works, let me know. I might resort to one ~ LOL! The act of writing IS mind boggling. I have an ADHD brain, and now with a very overactive thyroid, I am really ADHD! Happy birthday to your sister. I'm 29 too! Here's to 29 forever!

  10. There's nothing better than finding those stories hiding in the corners of our brains waiting for us to find them! Keep enjoying the words!!

  11. That's a great result for NaNo. At least you're not short of ideas and it looks like you're spoiled for choice with WIPs - if one is stuck, go to another!

  12. 37, 000 words written in one month is fabulous.

    Happy New Year, Teresa!

    P.S. Sorry it has taken me so long to return a visit.


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