Halfway There - November Writing

I am still plugging along with my writing goal of 50,000 words by the end of November. I finished the second week. Per usual, I’m not sure that I will have enough “scenes” outlined to take me through to the end. However, it’s too early to be certain. 

Things I've learned from week 2:


1.     I absolutely love this book more than any other I’ve written in November in previous years. 

2.     I wrote a thorough character sketch on my main character. I know her better than any other character and yet, she’s still flat. Sometimes uninteresting. Sometimes, she doesn’t act like a main character, but a poorly made paper doll. A little one-dimensional. Any ideas? Louise (her mother), the sheriff (mother’s boyfriend) even mean old Veda have lots of personality and are evolving.

3.     I’ve been playing with Roni having an addiction. It’s difficult to beat up on the people you’ve created. 

4.     This book is showing me that it indeed has potential as a series. 

5.     This book seems really busy. I'm wondering if it's too busy.

As of Tuesday evening, my word count was 25,293. 




Well done. This does sound exciting - and I admire your perseverance.
Someone taught me this exercise years ago. Have your other characters describe the flat one. That will give you some more insight into her personality.
Hi Teresa - congratulations on getting to 25,000+ ... it seems like Alex has an idea to bring your character to life ... good luck - cheers Hilary

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