Overcoming Perfection Beliefs

I appreciated everyone’s comments, last week, on overcoming the perfection problem I have when trying to finish a story for good. Sadly, for me (and probably my family), it’s not just in my writing that I have this problem. I'm working on it.


Good news! I have my short story Thieves finished (goal) and ready to go to market. I will send it within the next week (goal). My thought is to send a story a month, then as they return send them elsewhere. Yes, they will return—until they don’t. 


While finishing my other five million short stories that need finalization, I hope to start the work-over on the first draft of the novel that I wrote last November. Whether it is marketable or not, I really like the storyline. 


That’s what I’m working on. What’s your current project (writing or something else)?


Note: I’m still having issues commenting on other blogs (only some) and still working on it. I’m not ignoring you. I’ve tried everything, and there is no common denominator. WordPress and Blogger both give me problems, but in different ways. I have no problems with the fill in the blanks comment area on websites or if you have a Blogger popup comment box instead of embedded, I’m good to go. 




That pursuit of perfection does us no favours does it? I am really glad that you have a piece ready to go and are working on your novel too.
Sometimes I find that changing browsers helps my commenting problems.
Glad the responses last week helped. Keep sending out those stories.
In the beginning, I found the embedded ones gave me trouble. Do you allow popups? For embedded ones, you have to select Google Profile, and then a box pops up that asks if you will allow the change. (Say yes.) If your computer isn't allowing those popups, you'll not see that.
Alex, I do select Google Profile and absolutely nothing happens. I will check to see if my computer is set to allow popups, but my thought is yes, since those never give me problems. It has to be something simple. Keep the ideas coming if you have them.

Hi Teresa - I've signed in to both blogger and WP - using different profiles and thankfully as each pop up - I'm already in and up and running ... I know it can be a nuisance. Good luck ...

Also good luck with those stories ... perfection is not easy to overcome ... blogging helps, it doesn't have to be perfect - when found out - acknowledge or apologise ... and it's all fine. All the best - cheers Hilary
Hi Teresa - I hope you're doing Words for Wednesday? See you soon - cheers Hilary

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