Words for Wednesday #2

During the month of April, I will be hosting Words for Wednesday. Elephant Child asked me to host the April event. This event was started by Delores who needed to bow out for her own reasons and is currently hosted by various bloggers. The goal of Words for Wednesday is to encourage individuals to write using some or all of the prompts provided.

If you wish to participate, you may write one in the comments or take it to your own blog. Let us know if you are writing one at your blog. 

   This week’s prompt list is:






Additional words (should you wish to use them.)






Here is my try with the words from the first list. 

A Dog Named Lucky

“I wish I had a dog,” Max said.

“I wish I had marshmallows,” Chester said, stirring the fire with a pointy stick he’d carved with his pocket knife. “What would you do with a dog?” 

“I’d name her Lucky.” 

“That’s a dumb name. Girl dogs are not named Lucky.” 

The small crackling fire lit up the area where they sat, but not much of the river nearby.


Max stood up from the rock, used as a seat, and looked up at the black sky and its distant twinkling stars. “You don’t know anything about dogs. Do you have a dog?”

“No, but if I did, I wouldn’t name it Lucky. That’s a name you call a dog if you know they are lucky.” 

“A name does not explain a person or a dog. I am naming my dog Lucky.” 

“We’d better go home before we get in trouble. It’s creepy out here.”

“You’re just scared of the dark. A dog would protect us.”

“Whatever!” Chester said, kicking dirt over the flames. 

It was then they heard something crashing through the woods. “Maxine Rose! You were supposed to be home a half hour ago. Dad is searching for you,” her older sister yelled.

“I told you to call me Max.”

“What have you been doing?” 

“She’s been naming a dog that she doesn’t own just to argue with me,” Chester said. “See you at school tomorrow, Maxie.”

“If you’re lucky,” Max laughed. 


I love your take on the prompts - and could hear the conversation.
Mine is rather different.
Brad had demanded more and more coins from Roses slender purse. An artisan is worth his hire he said, threatening to go to her nearest competitor. Eventually Rose told him to ‘go and be damned’. He left, telling her that she would regret it.
Rose had always known she was lucky. The clouds had opened up and delivered an impossible amount of rain. That same rain had caused the river to rise, to rise higher than it had even done before. As it lapped at the doors of the stables it extinguished the fire set by Brad in his last act of vengeance, and washed his body far, far away. She tossed the knife into the river after him and turned away. Her property was safe again. Still.
Hi Teresa - lovely take on your first set of words. The tale rings true ... I'm glad all ended well for them. Cheers Hilary
Hi Teresa - based on the 2nd set:

The artisan hammered on the metal, coins would be cut from the sheet; but it took time – each day and months he would watch the clouds create shapes, fluff up and scamper past – while his technical skill ensured pride in his craft. It wasn't impossible … yet the Guild expected the best.

Cheers - excellent to see this week's words for Wednesday - Hilary
Love yours and Hilary's takes. Has my initial comment gone to spam?
Hilary, LOVE your story. Love it.

EC, I'll check.

Alex, Thanks!
EC, I don't see anything from you in the spam folder.
EC, And there it is!!! Your comment.
EC, I should have said in the previous comment how much I like your story, but I must be click happy. You have awesome ideas and write well!!
River said…
I have noted down the words and will work on them later, my story will be on my blog tomorrow Friday 14th.
I like the stories above me here, well done all of you.
Cindi said…
I love everyone's contributions so far ~ tho Sue/EC a little dark surprise there! Mine has been published on my blog here
messymimi said…
Okay, i got home from work and updated with a story. It's over here.

It sounds like Max and Chester are good frenemies.

EC, good use of the prompts to tell a rather grim tale.

Nice one, Hilary!
Hi Teresa - commenting on EC's story - thankfully the sun did come out for her and Brad had departed her life ... I must over to the others ... cheers Hilary
Mike said…
The lucky rose missed the fire because of being by the river until its luck ran out because of a boyfriend with a knife.

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