IWSG May, 2023 - What inspires you?

When you are working on a story, what inspires you? This is the question of the day and optional. For me, the answer is simple. 

It's that time again to gather together as writers and blog about our writing insecurities (and achievements). The following post was written for the IWSG monthly blogging event created by author Alex J Cavanaugh.  Alex's awesome co-hosts for this month are Joylene Nowell ButlerRonel Janse van VuurenMeka JamesDiane BurtonVictoria Marie Lees, and M Louise Barbour!

Most everyone who reads my blog knows I write out of habit, which is a good thing. I write each morning after "Millie" duties and with my coffee. I like to write, but the practice of writing is habit, one I started a long time ago. Sometimes, I’m inspired, sometimes not, but I still write. 

So what inspires me? Two simple things. I am inspired by reading and sometimes watching movies. If either is good writing, I'm inspired. Secondly, hanging out with other writers online (blogging) and in person (with a writer's group) inspires. 

What inspires you?



Hi Teresa - it's good to see you around again ... we all learn so much from each other ... I write - it just may not appear ... the mind holds rather a lot. So many thoughts abound in my grey cells - cheers Hilary
The same things inspire me, too! I'm like you...writing is a habit. I usually do write when I'm uninspired, but I still enjoy the process.
Natalie Aguirre said…
I think making writing a habit is one of the best ways to keep writing and finish manuscripts. I write for at least an hour while I'm eating lunch most days. I'd write in the morning but I have to write for my job then.
You were smart to make it a habit!
Rachna Chhabria said…
I agree that reading good books really helps us in our craft :) and is also very inspirational!
You are so right, Teresa. Right now I'm in the habit of not writing. I have reasons, but I'm still bothered by the fact. Happy IWSG Day.
Fundy Blue said…
Hi, Teresa! Kudos to you for having a set time to write every morning. I wish I could get into a consistent schedule. I write almost every day, but the time is all over the place. The one sure thing and the first thing I can count on in my day is my morning coffee. I can't remember a morning without coffee. And, of course, it fuels me when I'm writing! I'm sure cute Millie gets you going! Reading often inspires me too, especially when the writing is beautiful along with a good story. I'd be nowhere without the IWSG! Its wonderful and supportive members inspire me constantly! Have a great day!

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