Another Day

This is what Journaling Woman did today:

1. Read Bible, drank lots of coffee, got dressed for work
2. Went to work for 6 hours (summer hours)
3. Talked with a bazillion people about their technical problems
4. Emailed Sister
5. Visited with old boss
6. Came home and mowed yard
7. Weed ate yard
8. Found beloved stem nippers in yard where they were left last used
9. Forgot to pick nippers up, ran over them with mower
10. Dodged metal flying- from the nippers
11. Picked up pieces out of the grass
12. Ran out of gas- added gas
13. Showered
14. Ate Shredded Wheat for dinner
15. Couldn’t find China (Journaling Woman’s indoor cat)
16. Took nap (mental note – find cat after nap)
17. Found China in a new hiding place under chair in one of the spare bedrooms
18. Watched TV
19. Journaled in Journal and on Blog


  1. Should I add stem nippers to your Christmas list..along with screw driver (which I broke) and ice cream dipper?


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