Thinking on Grandmothers- Again

From time to time, Journaling Woman realizes (again), that her grandmothers, have gone onto heaven and misses them. Two very different women, but both a part of Journaling Woman’s framework. She feels like she received the best of what they both had to offer.

Grandmother Maternal had the biggest
heart full of love for every human being
that you could imagine. A true and complete representative of Jesus. She was always concerned about feeding the multitudes- her large family
and community. You never left her house hungry.

Grandmother Paternal (picture on the right)
could take anything and I mean
anything and make it look like a
magazine cover and on a dime.
She took worn out chairs and
made them fit for a palace.
She took plain ingredients and made
a feast. She took cast off clothing
and made designer fashions.

Both grandmothers followed the Lord,
the best example I could have.

But, what Journaling Woman wants to share with you, though, is a dress that Grandmother Paternal made for me and that I still own.

I was chosen to be in the school carnival that year. Here I am in ringlets (thanks Angel Mom)and dress standing next the other candidate, who just happened to be my boyfriend in first grade. Can I work things or what? A few hundred years later, as Grandma Paternal would say, the dress survived.

This is the dress today and I still love it. It is a little worn likes it owner, but you can see what a beauty it was in its day, just like its owner. JUST KIDDING, come on, it’s my blog.

The dress was light blue. Sorry the carnie picture isn't in color. I think there is a color version somewhere. The dress has netting covering a satin underskirt. Grandmother Paternal made the netting to scallop around the skirt.

Then she adorned the little dress with tiny (store bought) white flowers atop black velvet ribbons. There is a side zipper. The black velvet ribbon belt around the middle is the only thing missing.

There is no wonder I love clothes, making clothes and wearing clothes. Between Angel Mom and Grandmother Paternal, I didn’t have a chance to look ugly. A shout out to Angel Mom and Artsy Dad for being keepers of precious moments- like this dress.


  1. oh gosh, it's so sweet and you are so stinkin cute!

    I love the photo of your paternal grandmother on the car, she looks totally radiant!


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